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We have all been following the UK Covid Enquiry under Baroness Hallett to some extent, to determine how well or otherwise she will dig down to the matters that concern the population.

The good Baroness has a long and distinguished history of being appointed to chairing enquiries into matters of national significance.

Today we have news of a contrasting type of investigation that was conducted in Canada by what one assumes to be a self-organising collective of people throughout Canada, who set up a National Citizens Inquiry to look into the handling of the Covid event in that country. 

It will be fascinating to compare the output (when the UK enquiry finally completes ... ) of these two approaches.

Meanwhile, you can read the Final Report of the Canadian people's effort.

Watch the four minute summary on X.

There's a lot to unpack here - including a memo outlining alleged political shenanigans by politicians to secure control over the inquiry in the future ... it seems that the powers that shouldn't be maybe don't like independent thought any more, given that elections may be in the offing that they assume they will win.

Still, the Inquiry to date does seem to have been run on apolitical lines.

Worth a good look.

(10 minutes)


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