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Stopping the war is clearly paramount, but is only the first step into a post-conflict future.

If such a future could be painted, maybe the gains to be made would be seen to be more attractive than the losses that both sides currently face. It could hardly be otherwise - we are inevitably stronger when we cooperate to mutual benefit, than when we waste our time and resources trying to overcome each other.

It's not rocket-science, but the most intractable obstacle standing in the way is inevitably the current lack of trust, and this should be where the external international powers are able to contribute their efforts. Perhaps Israel / Palestine should become an altogether demilitarised zone? Even that however would probably not be enough; until the external international powers themselves stop stoking the rhetoric of distrust and conflict, it's hard to see how the local protagonists can lead the way to a trustful solution.

This presentation is somewhat dated now, but outlines a proposal that could and probably should be updated for current circumstances, to the benefit not merely of the region, but of the whole world. 

(14 minutes)


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