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To some extent we have covered this before ...

... but it's always good to see others putting out the same message.

Pascal Najadi joins the AJ Roberts Show to explain the truth that nobody will believe - that WW3 has been waged for some years and is (hopefully, allegedly) now coming to a close in 2024.

That's not to say that it's over, or that there won't be a great deal of sweeping up to do in 2024/5 and onward, but maybe the active stage is over (or will be closed shortly) (whatever that may mean). 

"The Law of War Manual of the United States Military is in force"

"If you don't now read what we disclose then you will have a hard time to get to grips with what is soon coming to surface ... "

" ... all political systems and democracies will be cancelled ... " (military rule incoming)

" ... all the responsible people ... have been already and will be charged - right now - under the Law of War Manual 2015 of the United States - for Crimes against Humanity and Corruption ... "

If you watch nothing else all week, watch this.

(54 minutes)