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  • Zero Covid - Coming Soon?


    This utterly preposterous idea is, believe it or not, seriously being touted by those who think they can bully or manipulate us into accepting whatever they say as the gospel truth - or at any rate a plausible alternative to it.

    The AIER now feels compelled to take this absurd threat seriously, not because it has any merit, but because the associated politics has all the hall-marks of a totalitarian agenda that they would steamroller across the world whether we the people want it or not.

    "Those who follow this philosophy fail to recognize the glaringly obvious truth that suppression tactics have not succeeded because they run contrary to human nature"

    "The ZeroCovid

  • The Good Law Project Wins PPE Procurement Case against Government


    The BBC reports:-

    "Matt Hancock acted unlawfully when his department did not reveal details of contracts it had signed during the Covid pandemic, a court has ruled"

    When the Covid pandemic struck the government allegedly threw all its normal procurement processes out of the window as it seemingly fell over itself to place orders for PPE.

    Many questioned the rationale for placing such orders with suppliers who appeared to be manifestly unsuitable under all normal sourcing criteria, but in any event the government was still under a legal obligation to publish details of its procurements within 30 days after the event.

    It appears that this obligation was not fulfilled.

  • The Covid "Fraud Triangle" Hypothesis


    For those of us who still wonder why seemingly all previously accepted tenets of epidemiological, medical, statistical and governmental good practice were promptly thrown out of the window a year ago, possibly never to return in our life-times, Lockdown Sceptics take the bull by the horns and introduce the hitherto unmentionable (in gentlemanly circles) idea there might be a motivation in fraud.

    Personally I think this idea is long overdue an outing - any rational enumeration of the possible causes of the current imbroglio must include fraud on the list, and given what we know about human nature, it seems ridiculous that this possibility should be excluded from investigation merely on the grounds that somebody somewhere may think it to be in bad taste.

    Logic is impervious to taste, and as far as I know bad taste has never been known as a sure preventative of criminal

  • UK Government Coronavirus Adverse Events Reporting


    The government has released it first report on the adverse events reported following UK Covid-19 vaccinations.

    The "Yellow Card" system records unsolicited reports of vaccine adverse events, as reported by members of the public. As far as I know these are analysed as reported without moderation or verification.

    Report any Coronavirus vaccine or other Yellow Card event here.

    Whereas the MHRA asserts that it has proactive systems for monitoring adverse events, the above Yellow Card system is not proactive, as it relies upon the initiative of members of the public

  • US states taking steps to nullify ALL of Joe Biden’s unconstitutional laws and executive orders


    It seems that North Dakota is following in the footsteps of South Dakota in seeking to ensure that no Federal laws or Executive Orders that they deem to conflict with the US Constitution will be respected.

    Whilst legally arguably superfluous, this will make it much easier for such unconstitutional measures to be disregarded since such action would be much less likely to result in a lawsuit.

    Natural News has the story.

    Once more we can see the strength of the decentralised American model where the powers of the federal centre are strictly limited by the constitution, thus ensuring that each state retains autonomy in its own affairs.

    I can't help but wonder if there is a lesson (or several) for the future of the UK in there somewhere?

  • Financial / Geopolitical Review - Matt Ehret and RDS


    Robert David Steele is a very well-informed and assertive individual (who I think could learn to interrupt a little less frequently) and Matt Ehret is a Canadian who seems to be enormously well read in geopolitics and its history.

    They make up  formidable duo.

    Here they discuss the causes of the current financial/geopolitical state of the world, and very interesting they are.

    So, without further ado, please watch:


    See more at Matt's web-site The Canadian Patriot.

    See the RDS blog at phibetaiota.net.

  • Texas Freezes!


    Texas freezes in the grip of very unaccustomed sub-zero temperatures, accompanied by widespread electricity black-outs as the power grid effectively collapses due to inadequate supply.

    Wind turbines are frozen stiff, solar panels snowed over, natural gas coal and nuclear generation are maxed out but nowhere near making up the loss of renewables.

    Oh, and the planners didn't plan for unusual but not unprecedented severe winter weather.

    Doesn't that sound a bit like the UK?


    Sounds like just the same green energy planning mindset as in the UK.

    Makes you think . . .   will we be next?

    Here is another report from Texas, this time from Del Bigtree of

  • Actual Lockdown Results


    Lock-downs were instituted in the West when Neil Ferguson infamously predicted some wildly improbable death tolls if they were not. Notoriously, Sweden did not follow that advice, and lived to tell the tale.

    Ivor Cummins (of Fat Emperor Podcast fame) has given us the list of published papers which investigate whether lock-downs have worked.

    So don't hang back - plunge in!


    Of course Ivor is not the only one to have reviewed the literatures and identified similar papers.

    See also: 

  • Our Kids Are Just Collateral Damage


    I am greatly blessed to live in rural Hampshire, but that makes it easy to forget that many others are not so blessed.

    This video is a compendium of a small subset of the collateral damage, the subset that has children who cannot go to school, who are stuck at home with a parent, who have no friends to visit and no parties to be invited to.

    Kids are by nature resilient but there is a limit to their resilience when the oppression is never-ending - and we all know their tolerance of delay from the infamous question "are we nearly there yet?".

    Anna Brees has done us a service to release this small glimpse of misery on behalf of all the many who are similarly suffering. I hope some representative of "authority" is listening.


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  • How to Stay Healthy?


    We are what we eat, and what we drink. This is indisputable.

    The human body is a remarkably self-adjusting and self-cleansing organism that can cope with a wide variety of diet, environment, life-style, and temporary imbalance in any of these factors, but unsurprisingly it cannot cope well with permanent imbalance.

    So if we want to stay healthy and (in the nicest possible way) stay away from the NHS (which is where we are expected to go if we are sick), then we need to understand how to maintain a healthy balance.

    The "Fat Emperor" podcast is a vehicle for Ivor Cummins to bring "engineering problem solving rigour and the scientific method to some of the more interesting issues in the world today" many of which involve health in one form or another.

    I find him informative, logical, unflappable, and reassuring in a uniquely Irish way.

    In this episode he

  • Latest Wind Farm Costs - Not So Cheap?


    The Global Warming Policy Foundation reports on the latest accounting information for the new wind farms so beloved of the elites who govern us.

    And sobering reading it is.

    "Since 2017, renewables advocates have argued that offshore wind power is now very cheap. However, closer examination of their claims reveals a different story"

    "The levelised cost (LCOE) remains 3-4 times that of a gas turbine running flat out"

    "Ministers and the media 'must stop deceiving the public'"

    Amen to that.

    Maybe they, like us, need to

  • World Politics and the Distortion of Science for Political Ends


    When I was a schoolboy in the 1960s I was aware of Bertrand Russell as a prominent and opinionated leftie, but not being inclined in that direction I ignored him as being of no interest.

    Big mistake. Know thine enemy.

    Matthew Ehret (AKA the Canadian Patriot) has opened my eyes to his pernicious influence, influence which (whilst no doubt assisted by many others) seems to have now led us to the perversion of science known as the pandemic.

    That this perversion exists is not news to me, but that it had its roots so far back in history (and probably Russell was not the first to promote

  • When is a Vaccine Not a Vaccine?


    Dr David Martin explains that technically, some of the so-called vaccines for Covid do not legally qualify for the term since they do not operate like a "normal" vaccine (whether that works in UK law or not I'm uncertain):


    Towards the end, Judy Mikowitz hits the nail on the head when she says that it works by inserting instructions into your cells to cause them to generate a synthetic pathogen (not a virus) that will prime your immune system to create an immune response to that pathogen.

    That's all very well, but nowhere have I heard or seen it explained how your cells are subsequently prompted to turn off the generation of this synthetic pathogen when the immune system has been primed. In my simple mind, your body will continue generating this synthetic pathogen and your immune system will continue to mount its immune response indefinitely, or until

  • A Ramble Around our Current Predicament


    Those who maintain their implicit faith in the modern medical establishment may not agree with much of this, but the discussion covers a great deal more than merely the medical aspects (critical as they are), including the control of our food supply and the influence of the United Nations "homogenising every aspect of human life" across the world.

    This is a whirlwind and rather unstructured discussion, centred upon the USA but covering the world and (in my view) especially relevant to the UK, which is very close to the USA in all material aspects and suffers from exactly the same pernicious defects in its bodies politic legal and corporate.


  • From Ancient Sumer, Via Buzz Aldrin on the Moon, to Today


    The happenings in our world today should be understood in perspective, and this article from Your Own World USA (yowusa.com) approaches it from a challenging historical perspective with which few of us may be familiar.

    For the uninitiated, the postings of Q (which have been appearing since autumn 2017) are thought by many to be the unattributable work of military intelligence, whose prime objective has been to (a) demonstrate knowledge of events before they occur (sometimes years before) and (b) wake the general public up to the fact that their government, mainstream media, courts, academia, politicians, religions, and global NGOs of all descriptions (inclusive of the UN) have been corrupted.

    Not just a little bit corrupted, in pockets here and there, but comprehensively and completely everywhere.

    To the extent that "they" now feel ready to take over the world, dictate policy to the nation states, abolish private property, vaccinate us all with

  • Corona-Religion and UK Lockdowns Policy


    Freedom or Lockdown?

    The AIER highlights two pertinent articles today, one extolling the advantages that freedom of choice confers on us if we have the wit to discern them, and the other suggesting why the UK government should (but obviously won't) end the lockdown in favour of the more nuanced tactic of protecting the vulnerable, which we may assume (although I would disagree) has been adopted in the policy of vaccinating the most elderly. The logical course would therefore be to now open up the

  • Dr Sherri Tenpenny Predicts Vaccine Aftermath


    Vaccines are contentious. We love them or we hate them, or maybe we are still unsure. Nevertheless we now have to choose, sitting on the fence has become untenable.

    The government and Big Pharma are quite capable of putting their own case, but here we try to bring you different viewpoints, hopefully from reasonably authoritative sources.

    Dr Sherry Tenpenny is one such source and she has the happy ability to explain what she is talking about in a direct and understandable manner. Here she explains how the "trojan horse" mechanism works, and how she believes this works to attack the lungs:


    Dr Tenpenny's Blog can be accessed for more information.

    Read the

  • Covid Crumble Commences?


    Del Bigtree of "The Highwire" fame documents the latest events in the Covid firmament. I know he shouts a lot and he's not perhaps a favourite to British ears, but - this could be a landmark edition that marks the start of the turning of the tide of Covid hysteria.

    Legal set-backs to the Covid mania are now popping up in the USA, Italy, Germany, and no doubt there's more to come.

    He also covers the never-ending hoo-ha about the reopening of schools - as in the USA, so in the UK.

    This is a pretty good reminder of where we have been, where we are now, and hopefully gives us a few pointers as to how this is beginning to come to an end.

    Highly recommended.

    You can

  • Summary of US Election Shenanigans


    The US elections proved problematic to say the least.

    Trump election rallies were packed out, drawing many thousands (even mid-pandemic) whilst Biden rallies were lucky to number in the hundreds; yet we are asked to believe that Biden squeaked in at the last minute with a late 3am surge of votes in the swing states.

    It isn't within my gift to untangle all the ins and outs of the matter, but those who are interested may find this summary useful.

    However, I hesitate to say that this is authoritative because there are significant problems:

    a) it is undated (but probably December 2020)

    b) it is not attributed to a specific source

    c) it cites no references


  • Shock Report - Climate Change is Benign?


    The Green movement will no doubt be pleased to hear that their worst fears are proving groundless, "according to a study for the Global Warming Policy Foundation by independent scientist Dr Indur Goklany".

    This good news is brought to us by James Delingpole writing for Breitbart.

    The Great Climate Catastrophe has been rather pushed out of the news of late due to another more immediate crisis, but of course we should not assume that it has gone away. Perhaps Boris will be pleased to hear that all the change and disruption involved in implementing his new Green New Deal at breakneck speed may turn out to be less urgent or even unnecessary; or perhaps not, time will tell.