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  • Dave Cullen on the New World Order - Onward and . . . Downward?


    This update may not cut much new ground but it does summarise how the NWO project is trying to reposition itself.

    He also nicely takes their new clothes apart - who is actually doing what to whom?

    What are they worried about - surely we will all be queuing up nicely for admission to their new Utopia (va**ine  passport permitting of course)?


  • What's Gone Wrong in London & Can It Be Saved? (Pt. 2)


    More from Lawrence - how he will fare against Brian Rose remains to be seen. Should they get together? Does one of them need to stand down? Could they run on a joint team ticket?


    See more here.

  • PCP Papers Laid Alleging Pandemic Fraud Against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance & Ferguson


    Finally, it's on.

    After months of preparation, the first legal steps toward bringing the alleged  miscreants to trial for their alleged Covid fraud on the British Isles and on the world are moving forward.

    "In addition to the charges of fraud by false representation and non-disclosure, in material breaches of sections 2 and 3 of the Fraud Act 2006, we are informally applying for a declaration, under the inherent powers of the court, which states that autopsies are to be carried out for all alleged COVID deaths, which will be held as evidence in the forthcoming trial, on the ground that we have expert witness testimony of the falsification of death certificates, as per UK Government policy"

    "We are also asking for a moratorium on the UK flu and COVID ‘vaccinations’ programmes to be declared for period of at least 90 days, in order to definitively establish whether it is COVID-19 or ‘vaccines’ that are killing people at a minimum mortality rate

  • The World's Crisis is Primarily a Crisis of the Spirit?


    The wars of ideas and propaganda about Covid, the "fight against racism", the attempts to divide societies through race, politics, gender, religion, "green", vaxxers vs anti-vaxxers, nuclear disarmament (sorry scrub that, it was overtaken long ago and now it just shows my age) - these are all matters of essentially a spiritual nature - they have become battle-grounds of faith and dogma rather than truth and logic.

    So in a world comprised of billions of people of hundreds of nations, the question of how to order our campaigns toward success or failure has become urgent in our age of political crisis.

    The "supreme ruler" chooses to rule by (a) force (b) fear of force (c) propaganda that seeks to give his rule a veneer of false truth and logic.

    The controlled democracies are ruled by elites who actually behave as much like supreme rulers as they can, but

  • Lawrence Fox - London Mayoral Candidate


    Laurence Fox, actor, founder of the Reclaim Party, interviewed for the Rubin Report:


     On his new political Party:


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    "Reclaim London, Reclaim Your Freedom"




  • New UK (NI) Covid Advertising Campaign!


    Over the water the UK (Northern Ireland) Stormont government is inviting tenders from advertising agencies:



    See the Tender description here.


    To put this into context, I show below a graph from the Northern Ireland Covid-19 Infection Survey (download):

    Estimated percentage of the population in Northern Ireland testing positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) on nose and
    throat swabs since 24 September 2020

  • Chinese Huishang Bank Adopts QFS


    The Quantum Financial System - whatever that is - is reportedly being adopted by a Chinese Bank, the Huishang Bank.

    The new system is seen as a way to avoid dependence on the dollar, and work around any associated restrictions imposed by US foreign policy.

    It is also seen as bypassing "the great burden of state financing in the hands of the banking entities" and supporting the Chinese "Belt and Road" initiative ofnew infrastructure projectsfacilitating trade across the world.

    How will this turn out? Too early to tell, but the wheels do now seem to be in motion.

  • The World Just Announced - We are Not Having It!


    Worldwide protests on Saturday put the elites on notice that Covid or no Covid, they are no longer buying the lockdown narrative.

    Armstrong Economics has the story that the MSM don't want to print.

    Also in Independence Daily is a report by Anthony Webber on the UK Saturday events, although he doesn't cover the Sunday Bristol disturbances, so zealously reported by the mainstream media, being the only one where people were hurt and police vans were set on fire (how was that allowed?).

    London Calling the World?


    What's this?

    A London Mayoral Candidate with an ambitious vision?

    If he can pull this off he will deserve all that comes his way . . .   more power to his elbow!


  • Covid-1984 Case Update - March 2021 - The Bernician


    The Bernician has been working for some time on the legal aspects of the Covid "pandemic", but actual legal action has so far not been forthcoming. Clearly if you want to take such powerful vested interests to court on such serious charges, you had better get your case straight.

    Add to that the understandable reluctance of any court to hear such a case effectively against a current government, which if proven would probably bring that government down.

    So I have no idea how all this will turn out, but I find this attempt to bring this case to court a worthwhile attempt as it will put the courts in the position of having to come clean about how they will handle matters.

    So this is the latest sitrep - worth a hearing (even if only to hear his interesting comments about Boris Johnson):


  • On the Road to Ruin?


    Truth and logic trump all else, but what is true?

    I think we need to know, but I'm not sure that it's much good waiting meekly to be told by "official" sources. "He who has ears to hear, let him hear":


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  • NATO 2040 – Intelligence (Decision-Support) as Root for Transformation (Trump Revolution Book 50)


    Robert David Steele is a prolific ideas man and there seem to be few important subjects that have not caught his attention. Here he takes an external look at where he sees NATO could go by 2040.

    I'm not a military man but nor are our parliamentarians, who seem content to simply let the boffins get on with it - but we have seen where that approach has led us in the Covid arena, and the idea that similar thinking could hold sway within NATO strategic planning is frankly horrifying, so I think a different approach is required.

    Maybe this is it, maybe we should do something differently, but I do think we would be very foolish not to take an interest.

    Download the

  • Extreme Sports Good - Extreme Views Bad?


    Covid matters medical are still very much to the fore, what with the AstraZeneca vaccine being paused by countries in the EU despite the established medical regulatory bodies all maintaining that it's "safe" and "effective" (even if there does seem to be continuing doubt about what exactly it is "effective" at achieving).

    We live in a world where cures for such (relatively) mundane problems as asthma, and relatively serious problems such as cancer are still not with us, despite many years of research and many false promises that a cure may be "just around the corner" (only requiring another billion or two in further research to bring it to pass)...  just for it to disappear from the headlines without further trace.

    Meanwhile we have "treatments" for cancer that always seem to have the "side effect" of compromising or even destroying our innate immune system . . .

    How does this make any sense? If I were to fall seriously ill I would not want any

  • NATO Merges with EU Military Union?


    UK Column News of 7th March has a pertinent section on how NATO is developing to effect an amicable merger with EU Military Union - the question being whether this will alter the nature of the arrangements for better or for worse.

    The UK of course is "committed to NATO" as the cornerstone of our defence policy, so perhaps we are seeing how the Brexit process is being allowed (or not) to change the direction of our military development.

    Boris has now conducted an "integrated" review of our defence needs for the future, and as always UK Column has the story:


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  • How to Think About Climate Change


    "The Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor Emeritus of Physics at Princeton University, Dr. Happer"

    With a title like that we should expect something special, and I think that that is exactly what Dr Happer delivers in this excellent presentation.

    And yes, this really is all about being green. But does CO2lead to more green or less green?

    He explains how the heating and cooling cycles (day and night) that envelop the earth work, how some of that heat is convected northwards and southwards towards the poles, what happens when CO2 and water (vapour and clouds) get in the way, and how changes to the level of CO2 actually in the atmosphere affect both plants and warmth.

    This is a comprehensive but accessible deep dive into the salient workings of our planet, our plants, the effect of photorespiration, the historical record of CO2 levels, and what would happen if the amount of

  • Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch )


    The above photo was taken in Hampshire, England, in June 2019.

    I am happy to say that since that time the sky-trails have abated significantly, and had done so prior to the onset of the Covid lock-downs that have since reduced the volume of aircraft overhead.

    More natural skies seem to be back in Hampshire, at least temporarily.

    Nevertheless it provides some verification for the theory that we have been sprayed from above with something that doesn't evaporate (as simple water vapour normally should).

    The obvious question is - Why?

    GeoEngineering Watch have the story - indeed,

  • Why is the US Pulling Itself Apart?


    The situation in the USA is become so serious that even Brexit-Watch has diverted its attention to address the fundamentals behind this issue.

    In truth the ills that currently afflict our cousins over the pond are not dissimilar to those which afflict the EU, or, as the author aptly notes, those of the erstwhile Soviet Union, arising as they do from the ever misguided delusion that bureaucratic control from the centre is the way to Utopia.

    Today, in the age of technology, we must add the untried but probably equally flawed belief that the application of technology by whatever elites control the centre will convert that delusion into a real Utopia - somehow I personally would not wish to find out.

    Utopia or Dystopia? Read and Judge.

  • WHO: "‘No Documented Death’ Linked to COVID-19 Vaccine" as "Italy Opens Manslaughter Probe as Teacher Dies"


    The Epoch Times reports two stories - one about the WHO claim of "no documented deaths... " and another reporting that a death in Italy is being investigated as possible "manslaughter".

    "France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, and Italy all suspended usage of the [AstraZeneca] vaccine this week, joining dozens of other countries in and outside of Europe"

    As they say in the trade: "Hmmmm...".

    Are we witnessing the concept of "plausible deniability" being pushed to its limits?

  • Brian, We Want to Work with You as Mayor Because Your Heart is in the Right Place


    "Brian for Mayor" Rose is still taking the fight to the established two-party system - more power to his elbow!

    (5 minutes)


    (5 more minutes)


  • Are the Covid Variants All They're Cracked Up to Be?


    In recent months we have been treated in the press to a great deal of alarmist speculation about the many variants that have supposedly been tearing through our ranks with possibly (but nobody seems quite sure) disastrous effects just around the corner. We have had the Kent variant, the Brazilian, and others which unaccountably but no doubt momentarily slip my mind, and now an even more dreadful Breton variant which (gasp!) is reputed to even evade the PCR test (no, me neither).

    So it is with some relief that I read an article by Michael Yeadon and Marc Girardot which explores the mutability transmissibility and likely severity of these variants. They describe it very calmly within the perspective of the defence in depth which is a primary facet of our immune systems, and very reassuring (in my view) it turns out to be.

    "To date, no robust