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  • UK Column - NHS Whistleblower


    UK Column News - one of the few truly independent news outlets.

    Item 1 - NHS Whistleblower Report

    "I hate my job, I am currently ashamed to be a nurse, and every day I work for the NHS I feel greater despair and loathing"

    "My NHS colleagues have forsaken their duty of care, broken their code of conduct (hippocratic oath), and have been brainwashed... through propaganda and predictive programming"


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  • Count your Carbon alongside your Calories?


    "There’s rising demand for another type of food label as people become increasingly concerned about climate change, and conscious of how they’re contributing to it"

    Demand from whom I wonder? The man on the Clapham omnibus?

    Oh - Extinction Rebellion perhaps?

    Now I may myself occasionally look at the label on an unfamiliar food product before I buy it, but I'm not looking at the calorie count since I long ago decided that the link between calories and weight gain is a relatively minor part of the whole, a part that only becomes significant when the whole is seriously out of balance.

    And I must confess that whilst as a matter of good management I would prefer my food to be locally sourced and subject to fewer food-miles where practicable (it's difficult to grow coconuts in the UK), I'm not convinced that the CO2produced in its transportation is going to destroy the world - it's more likely

  • Lin Wood Speaks - Faith and Life


    Lin Wood, the attorney that called out a US Supreme Court Justice for terrible crimes against children - and has not been sued for defamation.

    We have mentioned before on this site how a great many American immigrants were driven by their personal faith in God, and that that faith, embedded in their Constitution and in their psyche, arises anew in times of adversity.

    Lin Wood epitomises that personal faith in Christianity that isn't based on any church hierarchy or religious denomination, but on a personal and indeed a national relationship with God and with faith.

    If we want to understand how America is shaping the world, this is an integral part of it:


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  • London Mayoral Candidates on London's Covid Measures


    Lockdown Sceptics put their Covid questionnaire to London's Mayoral candidates -


    • Should London be opening quicker than the current roadmap?

    • What changes would you like to see immediately?

    • What do you think have been the biggest mistakes of the lockdown?

    • Do you support vaccine passports for international travel?

    • Do you support vaccine passports for domestic use?

    • When do you think Londoners should return to the office?

    • When should international travel be restored?


    Strangely, they only sent the questionnaire to "sceptical" candidates, so the responses

  • Warning - Systemic Collapse of the Global Financial System?


    Given the mountains of debt teetering on central banks' balance sheets all around the world it may seem to many that the collapse of the global financial system is overdue, but the real meat in this sandwich is the proposals that are being put forward to deal with the threat.

    "A report published last year by the WEF-Carnegie Cyber Policy Initiative calls for the merging of Wall Street banks, their regulators and intelligence agencies as necessary to confront an allegedly imminent cyber attack that will collapse the existing financial system"

    So just how would teaming up the foxes with the farmers and gamekeepers protect the hen house?

    Given that the WEF, Bill Gates et al got together to simulate the Covid-19 pandemic at Event 201 in the autumn of 2019, maybe we should pay attention to the

  • Good Law Project Takes the Covid Tests Contract to Court


    The contract in question was placed by the government with Abingdon Health for the supply of rapid antibody tests.

    "The government failed to undertake any transparent or lawful process at all in respect of the award of the contracts"

    "the contract awards led to the grant of unlawful state aid (including Government subsidies for research and components), for which no justification whatsoever has been put forward"

    There is more of course.

    Read the latest update to this case here.


  • Weimar German Court Rules Against Masks in Schools


    “the state legislature regulating this area has gotten far removed from the facts, which has taken on seemingly historic proportions”

    “the risk of infection is not only not reduced by wearing the mask, but is increased by [the widespread] incorrect handling of the mask”

    “there is no evidence that compliance with distance regulations can reduce the risk of infection”

    “the regular compulsion to take a test puts the children under psychological pressure, because their ability to go to school is constantly put to the test”

    That says it all really. The only difference between Germany and elsewhere is that the courts seem reluctant to intervene.

    Worth reading

  • Evergreen Suez Update 14th April


    It seems that very few of us can possibly have missed the recent blockage of the Suez Canal by one of the largest container carriers in the world, the Evergreen ship named Ever Given.

    "Conspiracy theorists" the world over have been having a field day - but given that this blockage was certainly very real, maybe we should rename them "conspiracy realists" now?

    Certainly there are a few points calculated to raise eyebrows . ..

    a) The fact that such a modern ship, effectively sailed by satellite, should have somehow driven itself aground so fully that it took days to release it (a feat that might have been difficult to accomplish even by deliberate action)

    b) "Evergreen" is supposedly the codename for Hilary

  • Reiner and Martin on the Trail of the Global Elite and the Great Reset of Everything


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer who also practices in California. He is a leading member of the German Corona Investigative Committee which intends to hold the perpretrators of lockdowns to account for their alleged criminal activities.

    Here is his latest interview, updating us in broad brush terms on his actions to date and whither he thinks these will lead in the future:

    "There cannot be any doubt whatsoever....   that what has been happening here for a year now is...   these are the worst crimes against humanity ever committed"

    "This has never been about the virus, this has never been about health, it has always been about taking

  • Net Zero In Peril?


    Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Forum releases another round-up of articles evaluating the prospects for the much-vaunted "Net Zero" initiatives so beloved of the climate lobby. Food for thought.

    As is usual in discussions about "Net Zero", the two indispensable weapons are always carbon taxes and subsidies, both paid for but never voted for by the tax-payer or by the population who purchase power in the form of electricity, gas, or oil.

    But surely we vote our governments into power?

    But when was the last time any major political party gave the voters a choice by standing on a policy platform opposing these measures?


  • Another Covid Myth Debunked


    The AIER reports on the latest CDC acknowledgement that the virus does not significantly infect people from the touching of random surfaces. The risk is now apparently assessed as "less than one in ten thousand" - whatever that may mean, but at least they have now put an upper limit on it.

    So all you good people can stand down on spraying disinfectant everywhere - it isn't in general going to do any good, and prolonged exposure may be harmful.

    I hope that "the media" will do their duty and give this report the publicity that it deserves, but I'm not placing any bets . . .


  • How Can we Get to Grips with Medical Malpractice?


    Many may feel uneasy about the way in which the Covid situation has been approached by the medical establishment - pharmaceutical companies, medical journalists, regulatory authorities, and last but not least, governments.

    Governments? How are they part of the medical establishment?

    I would submit that they are their paymasters, certainly in the UK. They interpose themselves between the taxpayer / recipient of medical care, and the producer pharmaceutical (and other) companies; they appoint regulatory authorities to decide which treatments get to be approved and funded, and which treatments get to be denied funding and/or outlawed.

    Also we must add august international bodies such as the WHO into the frame. Their "guidance" practically has the effect of law (even though they are funded in large part by philanthropic outfits with immense vested interests in vaccines).

    All for our own good of

  • RIP Prince Philip (1921 -2021)


    Today we mark the passing of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and we offer our loyal condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family.

    Not only was Prince Philip the rock supporting Her Majesty throughout her long reign, but he was also the rock who underpinned the entire Royal Family, and by extension the whole United Kingdom.

    He was also perhaps the most high-profile master of the art of political incorrectness and common sense, and highly valued by the British people in consequence.

    I guess we will never know what he thought about the EU, but Benny Peiser of the GWPF reminds us that he held a typically robust view on Climate Change.

    It is a truism that we don't know what we value until it is taken from us. He will be fondly remembered by many.

  • Urgent - The False Flag Op to End All False Flags?


    I suspectDr Greer is not a household name in the UK, but he has been active in researching the UFO phenomena for many years. He also probably knows as much about the politics of UFOlogy as anybody, since he has been attempting to get UFO disclosure from the US government through several presidencies.

    When UFO politics intersect with Great Reset world politics then we would probably be very well advised to listen up.

    What is the connection? Fear.

    The Great Covid Fear has been used shamelessly to compel compliance with removal of most of the freedoms that we have traditionally enjoyed and to destroy livelihoods and life-styles that may not return any time soon. Many suspect that this is to prepare the way for the "New World Order".

    The fear level necessary to persuade us all to put our faith into an unelected World Government "to protect us" requires the popular

  • When is Racism not Racism?


    A conundrum that seems to come under the heading "loathing your cake and loving it"?

    "Whiteness is a public health crisis. It shortens life expediencies, it pollutes air, it constricts equilibrium, it devastates forests, it melts ice caps, it sparks (and funds) wars, it flattens dialects, it infests consciousnesses, and it kills people . . . ” —Damon Young, New York Times contributor

    Why would this be a problem in the UK when this quote is from an article in the New York Times?

    Why would the death of George Floyd provoke protests from Black Lives Matter in London?

    "In fact, the new antiracism racism is flagrantly directed at “whiteness”—the obsession of an America gone mad"

    I guess that if perception is all, then racism isn't racism when I don't perceive it to be racism. That such an attitude may inevitably lead to the very sin that it

  • Debunking the Fake Science


    Dr Shiva describes the history of the Climate Change "science" - what is the difference between "science" and pseudo-science?

    (A question that might also usefully be directed towards the Covid-19 pandemic narratives)

    Science requires observations (evidence) in order to prepare a hypothesis, and from that hypothesis we may prepare a number of predictions.

    The resulting predictions are then compared with new observations of reality, and if all of the predictions are observed to be true then that hypothesis becomes a theory... until new observations come along that do not fit the predictions.

    To confirm the theory and guard against errors, the same process must be repeated by independent scientists, working independently, in the process known as peer review. If peer review confirms the results then the theory becomes the "accepted science".A single properly...

  • The Left Exhume Another of their Undead to Guide us Back Into the EU


    Not content to serve up recent helpings of Tony Blair, they are now wheeling out Lord Adonis to persuade us of the error of our ways.

    Remember the "People's Vote" campaign? How voting again until we gave the right answer was supposed to be the only democratic way to resolve the horrific idea of having to make our own way in the world that the Brexit vote had somehow conjured up? Well don't worry, there will soon be a new campaign organised to rejoin the EU, that's if the good folk at BrexitWatch have go their story straight.

    Perhaps lockdowns have stirred fond memories of the superior talent for centralised bureaucracy with which the EU is so well endowed, or perhaps Tony has been sent back to Blighty to get a grip and recover the situation, but whatever the reason, it seems that we are set to enjoy a resurgent campaign to "Rejoin the EU".


  • India Gets It - Lockdowns Are Enabling the Greatest Wealth Transfer in History


    Just to prove that no nation is being spared the great recycling of wealth from the poor population to the rich corporates (and that the Trump style of communication has caught on), a Mahashtra tweet-storm is featured in The Times of India no less:

    "Professional ‘actors’ can continue shooting their films. Professional ‘cricketers’ can play their sport late into the night. Professional ‘politicians’ can continue their rallies with masses of people. But YOUR business or work is not ESSENTIAL. Still don’t get it?"

    "It’s no coincidence that the losses of the common man are gains of the wealthiest. That the closure of brick and mortar benefits digital and e-commerce. The farmer and his soil being corporatised and colonised. Data and privacy being harvested and sold to new age empires"

  • The Meaning of Happiness


    The US Constitution:

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"


    But - what is "happiness"?


    The most important existential controversy of our time is explored by Jon Rappaport in his blog.

    Why do I suspect that Klaus Schwab of the WEF may be Jon's secret fan?

    Read on . . .

  • BMJ - Do Doctors Have to Have a Covid-19 Jab?


    This is a very instructive article in the BMJ which has attracted some cogent responses from qualified "Health Workers".

    The link is to the responses - you can tab across to read the original piece.

    "COVID-19 is the greatest threat to public health since the creation of the NHS. Healthcare workers are significantly more likely to have COVID-19 compared to the general population (2). Fortunately, we now have several vaccines that both protect us and the patients in our care"

    "Whilst I think it would be very difficult to force healthcare workers to be vaccinated, however further targeted testing could be bought(sic) in to make sure the unvaccinated workers are not passing on the virus to the vulnerable patients they interact with. This would be in line with the policies for other communicable diseases"

    "No. There are numerous, reliable ways to protect patients from acquiring