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  • Covid Crisis - Part of a Plan?


    TCW (formerly The Conservative Woman) recently published a "translated transcript* of a presentation entitled ‘Uncovering the Corona Narrative’ by the German author and journalist Ernst Wolff, which he delivered in late August".

    It's a far-reaching and incisive analysis of why the crisis appears to have unfolded as it has, makes sense of the inconsistent and self-contradictory pronouncements and instructions issued by those in positions of authority, and relates the whole to the financial end-game about to play out as many years of (deliberate) financial mismanagement come inevitably home to roost.

    Whether his analysis represents the whole truth (see below) is another question, but certainly he nails a considerable part of it.

    It's not all doom and gloom.

    "The plan of the elites, the visions of Klaus Schwab, are condemned to fail, and this is for several reasons"


  • Department of Defense Investigates Covid Vaccinated Outcomes


    The US Department of Defense has been investigating the USA Medicare statistics - covering a population of 5.6 million aged 65 and over.

    Whilst it is by no means certain that the UK over-65s are an equivalent population in terms of health and health outcomes, this study is certainly flagging up big questions about the efficacy of the vaccines within the elderly.

    "An AI-powered Department of Defense programme named “Project Salus,” run in cooperation with the JAIC (Joint Artificial Intelligence Center), has analysed data on 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 or older and found that antibody-dependent enhancment is accelerating in the fully vaccinated by the week"

    "The alarming findings show that the

  • London - On the Fast-track to Technocratic Utopia


    Our technocratic masters are and have been for ever expanding the envelope around us, installing better levels of surveillance and hiding behind the "benefits" that will be brought to the man in the street (faster download times anybody?).

    Health and safety standards for 5G 6G etc? What's wrong with the old standards we used for 1G and 2G?

    Matt Nilsson writing in What About the Roads? explores how we got here and where we might be going, whether we realise it or not. Should we worry?

    Patrick Wood writing in Technocracy News and Trends republishes this story for us.


  • Deaths Among Teenagers "Up 56% Since Vaccine Roll-Out Began"


    The Daily Sceptic reports on the latest mortality data from the ONS showing deaths registered among 15-19 year olds are rising significantly (compared with 2020) post vaccine roll-out.

    "Between weeks 23 and 37 in 2021 there have been 252 deaths among 15-19 year-olds in England and Wales. This compares to 162 in the same period in 2020, an increase of 90 or 56%. That’s a lot, and deserves some kind of explanation"

    (Bear in mind that the graphs show the cumulative totals year to date, not the weekly numbers, which should look nearly flat across the year) 

    Correlation is not necessarily causation, but should we be worried?

    In point of fact it is the 2021 graph that shows the flatter overall trend of weekly deaths from all causes, not the 2020 graph, so was there something about 2020 that caused a higher death rate than normal between weeks 20 - 23? If there was then that seems also to have affected 2021 since the graphs track each other

  • A Gold-Bug's View of the Financial Future


    Matterhorn Asset Management are in the gold business - and that (a) means they know a lot about it and (b) it would be surprising if their interests did not colour their opinion of where the financial world is bound this autumn and henceforth.

    That said, it's hard to fault their logic, and equally, it's hard to know if there are any truly different options that are being left out of the discussion. We need to check out the assumptions underlying the argument.

    The primary assumption is that the system of fiat money (not backed by any asset) will continue.

    Is there reason to suppose that it won't? Well, yes - the petrodollar system that underpins it is breaking down since Russia China and others started offering to trade oil in other currencies - so the US dollar is losing a primary support. What if (as some

  • Lithuania, Land of Lockout of the Unvaxxed


    This article about vaccine passports in Lithuania was referenced by the September newsletter of againstvaccinepassports.com - a "trading style of Brees Media Limited".

    The article makes for horrifying reading.

    "... every country has travel restrictions within Europe based on the Covid Pass"

    "Our government mandated that only a PCR test is acceptable to get the Pass, rather than the cheaper rapid antigen test... That number of tests would cost more than 1000 eur in lab fees per person per month, plus the time of going to the lab... the government is putting maximum pressure on us to get vaccinated"

    "We're definitely one of the more restrictive countries in Europe right now. And some of the rules we have are uniquely crazy

  • Proposal for mandatory COVID certification in a Plan B scenario


    "The government set out its intention that vaccine certification could form part of a Plan B, however, final decisions on the policy have not been made.

    "The government invites feedback on this proposal

    "The government is particularly interested in views from businesses, event organisers and venue operators, including from those that have experience of requiring certification on a voluntary basis over the summer and on the proposals for the workforce"

    It is also possible to provide feedback as an individual.

    Use the link provided to enter your feedback - respond on-line

  • Attention USA - "Your Votes Have Been Stolen Since 2000"


    Sidney Powell came to our notice as the attorney who successfully defended General Mike Flynn. The judge in the case eventually procrastinated so long over acquitting him that President Trump eventually gave him a Presidential Pardon.

    Now Sidney is engaged in a long legal tussle of the giants with the manufacturers of the voting machines in use in the USA.

    This is 12 minutes of public testimony, annotated as being from a hearing in 2004!

    "We also have the Defense Department’s own interest in patents for the very processes that allow votes to be manipulated and change by unseen hands and a patent for a process to predetermine an election—just as it happened in 2020"

    Now, a hearing in 2004 plainly has no direct relevance to the 2020 election - but one does wonder why any criminal, let alone the Department of Defense, would want to patent an illegal process.

    Lies, Damned Lies, and Covid Statistics


    The Daily Sceptic highlights a report by the ONS (Office of National Statistics) that purports to show two results that seem to contradict all previous studies - that Masks cut infection rates by half and that natural immunity is inferior to vaccine-bestowed immunity.

    The study makes use of three separate models, stacked upon each other, to reach these conclusions.

    It has been long established that a positive test result is not evidence of detection of the virus.

    I have

  • Can the Unvaxxed Catch the Vaxx from the Vaxxed?


    I don't know, but there are some who think so.

    Greg Hunter with pharmaceutical and medical device analyst Karen Kingston.

    "Children never got Covid before. What they are getting is infected from their parents being vaccinated"

    "This is in the CDC's own data... published... a month ago"

    (1 hour)


    Related download (not specific to the Covid spike protein but demonstrating the effect):

    The immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins- what you don’t know can hurt YOU and the patient

  • Vaccine Ingredients Include ...


    This is an article from an source unrelated to the subject matter, but which nevertheless includes cross-references to its original sources, of which there are a variety, including well-respected medical publications.

    It ties in with other information that has been surfacing recently (for example, that Japan discovered that their Moderna vaccines were contaminated with microscopic shards of metal). It appears to be reasonably carefully researched.

    So what do we get? We get an analysis of all the ingredients that were found in the leading four vaccines, broken down by vaccine company.

    It's quite a list, with both surprising and worrying contents, including a whole list of ingredients that were not declared by the vaccine companies concerned, notable among these being graphene oxide and

  • Fairy Government to Step in to Save the Energy Companies?


    Government considers temporary nationalisation of energy companies to stop collapse

    "Minister warns of ‘really difficult winter’ amid rising energy costs and food shortages"

    Yes, it's that 'conservative' word "nationalisation" again. Sir Kier must be groaning at the pursuit of socialist policies so arrogantly being bandied about by the Tory's - isn't "nationalisation" supposed to be Labour Party property? Maybe (along with the Green Party) he should have a word with the Met about such blatant theft.

    Clearly failure of government to recognise failure of government policy is nothing new -  Climate Discussion Nexus has the appropriate rejoinder: "As was once said of Philip II of Spain, 'no experience of the failure of his policy could shake his belief in its essential excellence'".

    So the green zombie policies march unthinkingly on...

  • Mired in Government Gormlessness


    Nationalisation is in the air once more - industry cannot be trusted to run the rail franchises devised and handed out by the government's very own Department for Transport. SouthEastern is the latest to fall, apparently owing the odd £25 million to the government - for the past 7 years?! Did nobody notice?

    But wait, there is more - much more. The government is replacing the whole franchising scheme to deliver "a simpler, effective model through high performance targets and simplified journeys". Well, they would say that wouldn't they?

    When did any government ever shy away from centralising more control to itself on the basis that others can no longer be trusted to do the job? I'd

  • Compendium of Corona Conspiracy


    Things are coming together. All the various strands that have been painstakingly deconstructed and reverse engineered are now being reconstructed and reintegrated by diligent independent researchers so that we may finally view the whole, with all its terrible import.

    The Covid-19 virus was the scare, the vaccines are the bio-weapon, the peoples of the world are the sheep whose lives health and freedoms are being destroyed, and the survivors reprogrammed to the New World Order's liking using 5G 6G etc - or so the story goes. 

    Is it true? Will anybody believe it?

    Readers of this site will find previous articles that corroborate some of the content, and there are more references within the document.

    Could we do anything to stop it?

    Now may not be the time to blindly and blithely assume that this is all a storm in a teacup that will be forgotten by next year and we can

  • 4,200 Physicians, Scientists Sign Declaration for Early Treatment of COVID-19


    Call me old-fashioned, but wasn't it always an accepted medical principle that the earlier you could begin treatment, the less treatment would be needed and the earlier recovery could be expected?

    Until Covid came along and then the only accepted medical principle seemed to be that early treatments were not available (whatever any physicians "at the coal-face" may have determined) and we all had to wait for a vaccine (or three) or maybe be intubated, a procedure with a very poor rate of survival.

    Well, how many physicians "at the coal-face" does it take to reverse this odious and unfounded new paradigm?

    How about 4,200?

    Not enough? We shall see...

    This is not medicine. This is not

  • Covid-19 Boosters Exposed


    The Highwire report on the FDA discussion on Covid-19 Booster shots for adults.

    Sadly this level of incompetence/maladministration (call it what you will) doesn't augur well either for the target population or for the regulatory agencies concerned.


  • "Covid-19 Vaccine Exposed" - Project Veritas


    Congressman Paul Gosar from Arizona:

    "The American public is not protected by healthcare providers deliberately lying or withholding evidence they don't like.

    "Thank you Project Veritas for your work; America, thank you as well"


    Well, what work might that be?

    Firstly, we have a whistleblower who speak about the treatment of patients who arrive in hospital with seemingly vaccine-induced serious adverse effects.

    Secondly we have employees of the FDA,apparently surreptitiously filmed, talking about how they view the unvaccinated.

    Thirdly, more

  • The Sweet Sound of Surrender?


     Il Donaldo Trumpo harnesses Gematria to confirm a simple message...

    OK, you need to be a bit of a conspiracy theory nerd to give much credence to this but if you are, this is for you.

    (You might also like to read the latest from Benjamin Fulford before you watch this).

    It's a bit slow, but maybe it's important. Or maybe it's fake news...  Your call!

    (Originally posted on Rumble on 18/09/2021 by Patriot News and Updates)


  • Biden Implosion Ahead? Heralding a New World, or new Chaos?


    Readers will know that I try to feature content by journalist Benjamin Fulford because he presents a totally different world-view from almost everyone else (I would leave out the "almost" but maybe I just haven't run across the others yet).

    He charges a modest fee for his wisdom - we must all make a living somehow - but you can read the introductory section for free. Sadly it gets pay-walled before reaching the interesting bits!

    Is he reliable? I have no idea, but he sure is interesting!

  • The Techniques Behind Psychological Manipulation


    In these days of mass delusion (whichever side of the fence you may occupy) the methodology behind the efforts to get us all to comply are either the product of an over-active imagination, or the nefarious attempt by "them" to achieve their ends by unobtrusive means.

    Well, this little video shows the techniques that a stage performer used to extraordinary effect in getting his volunteer subjects to do some quite outlandish things . . .