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  • From Ancient Sumer, Via Buzz Aldrin on the Moon, to Today


    The happenings in our world today should be understood in perspective, and this article from Your Own World USA (yowusa.com) approaches it from a challenging historical perspective with which few of us may be familiar.

    For the uninitiated, the postings of Q (which have been appearing since autumn 2017) are thought by many to be the unattributable work of military intelligence, whose prime objective has been to (a) demonstrate knowledge of events before they occur (sometimes years before) and (b) wake the general public up to the fact that their government, mainstream media, courts, academia, politicians, religions, and global NGOs of all descriptions (inclusive of the UN) have been corrupted.

    Not just a little bit corrupted, in pockets here and there, but comprehensively and completely everywhere.

    To the extent that "they" now feel ready to take over the world, dictate policy to the nation states, abolish private property, vaccinate us all with

  • Corona-Religion and UK Lockdowns Policy


    Freedom or Lockdown?

    The AIER highlights two pertinent articles today, one extolling the advantages that freedom of choice confers on us if we have the wit to discern them, and the other suggesting why the UK government should (but obviously won't) end the lockdown in favour of the more nuanced tactic of protecting the vulnerable, which we may assume (although I would disagree) has been adopted in the policy of vaccinating the most elderly. The logical course would therefore be to now open up the

  • Dr Sherri Tenpenny Predicts Vaccine Aftermath


    Vaccines are contentious. We love them or we hate them, or maybe we are still unsure. Nevertheless we now have to choose, sitting on the fence has become untenable.

    The government and Big Pharma are quite capable of putting their own case, but here we try to bring you different viewpoints, hopefully from reasonably authoritative sources.

    Dr Sherry Tenpenny is one such source and she has the happy ability to explain what she is talking about in a direct and understandable manner. Here she explains how the "trojan horse" mechanism works, and how she believes this works to attack the lungs:


    Dr Tenpenny's Blog can be accessed for more information.

    Read the

  • Covid Crumble Commences?


    Del Bigtree of "The Highwire" fame documents the latest events in the Covid firmament. I know he shouts a lot and he's not perhaps a favourite to British ears, but - this could be a landmark edition that marks the start of the turning of the tide of Covid hysteria.

    Legal set-backs to the Covid mania are now popping up in the USA, Italy, Germany, and no doubt there's more to come.

    He also covers the never-ending hoo-ha about the reopening of schools - as in the USA, so in the UK.

    This is a pretty good reminder of where we have been, where we are now, and hopefully gives us a few pointers as to how this is beginning to come to an end.

    Highly recommended.

    You can

  • Summary of US Election Shenanigans


    The US elections proved problematic to say the least.

    Trump election rallies were packed out, drawing many thousands (even mid-pandemic) whilst Biden rallies were lucky to number in the hundreds; yet we are asked to believe that Biden squeaked in at the last minute with a late 3am surge of votes in the swing states.

    It isn't within my gift to untangle all the ins and outs of the matter, but those who are interested may find this summary useful.

    However, I hesitate to say that this is authoritative because there are significant problems:

    a) it is undated (but probably December 2020)

    b) it is not attributed to a specific source

    c) it cites no references


  • Shock Report - Climate Change is Benign?


    The Green movement will no doubt be pleased to hear that their worst fears are proving groundless, "according to a study for the Global Warming Policy Foundation by independent scientist Dr Indur Goklany".

    This good news is brought to us by James Delingpole writing for Breitbart.

    The Great Climate Catastrophe has been rather pushed out of the news of late due to another more immediate crisis, but of course we should not assume that it has gone away. Perhaps Boris will be pleased to hear that all the change and disruption involved in implementing his new Green New Deal at breakneck speed may turn out to be less urgent or even unnecessary; or perhaps not, time will tell.


  • Time Tells It Like It Was


    The November 2020 Presidential Election - from the perspective of the Big Corporates.

    " ... the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans"

    "... the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy"

    "The handshake between business and labor was just one component ..."

    "There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs"

    "The scenario the shadow campaigners were desperate to stop was not a Trump victory. It was an election so calamitous that no result could be discerned at all, a failure of the central act of democratic self-governance that has been a hallmark of America since its founding"

  • Call to Action


    I have no medical qualifications but I find it very difficult to disagree with the content of this video.

    I don't wish to upset anybody, but nor do I wish poor health or worse on anyone for any reason.

    It is I believe indisputable that these Covid vaccines have not been through sufficiently exhaustive trials to permit any judgment to be reached about their long-term safety, and on this ground alone they cannot be assumed to be safe. I am not alone in this viewpoint.

    Add to that the comparatively low numbers of elderly who were involved in the vaccine trials and it becomes clear that the efficacy and safety of these vaccines for this age group should not be assumed to be as high as for other age groups.


  • Jolly Green Giant?


    The Green Giant in question is of course the Great Global Warming Wangle whereby we are all asked to believe something that cannot be proved on the basis that "scientists" say so and we must accept absurd changes to our lifestyle that will further enrich the (already very seriously) wealthy and further impoverish and restrict the poor.

    If we thought that the Great Covid Terror had somehow superseded the GGWW then sadly it doesn't appear so - it has simply pushed it temporarily to the background.

    In so far as the GCT presumes on (a) our fear (of disease), and (b) our well-nurtured trust (in the NHS in loco imperatis), and

  • Whither Christians Post Trump?


    Do religion and politics mix?

    The Americans are famous for their religious fervour, and the Founding Fathers based their Declaration of Independence upon their religious outlook. Protestant Christianity and politics have been intertwined at root in America from the beginning.

    In the UK the Christian faith has been espoused  by our monarchs for centuries (even if not fully and faithfully implemented - leaders throughout history have never been slow to co-opt religion for their own purposes).

    As a result, we the English have historically tempered our overt Christian expression to fit pragmatically with the prevailing religious fervour favoured by our monarchs, and for good reason - the battle between protestants and Catholics for supremacy of thoughtsaw too many people burned for their

  • Davos Culrure Clash - Xi and Putin Champion Harmonious Cooperation


    Davos has been "zooming" during January, and most of the world has been ignoring it I would venture to assert. Still, that's probably unwise, since the immensely rich, insulated, and arrogant tend to expose their unwelcome group-think there for those who take the trouble to pay attention, so if you want to know what they would have in store for us . . .

    Personally I belong in the "unwilling to watch all that stuff" camp but I'm very grateful to those such as Matt Ehret who do take the trouble. We are stronger working together in harmony, and that just about sums up the primary difference in attitude between the top-down authoritarian camp (you will be happy doing as you are told) and the bottom-up harmonious cooperation camp (let's all willingly cooperate in harmony to do what we do best).

    "This is the foundation of the “Sustained development” open system paradigm of Eurasia which stands in total contrast to the deconstructionist “sustainable development” closed system paradigm of the

  • The Applied Psychology Behind the Covid Project


    The current government advertising about the Covid "pandemic" is very long on emotional blackmail and very short on factual accuracy (in my honest opinion).

    I think we should be worried by this.

    The Government is a very powerful institution and if it isn't treating us, the citizenry (their employers), with honesty, then we have to ask serious questions about their motivations, and ask where they may be leading us.

    UK Column present a far-reaching interview with a former NHS nurse, which explores exactly this line of thought. I am a little surprised to note that this was recorded back in July 2020 - events since then have largely followed the predicted course, if perhaps not quite as fast as feared, so we should pay attention.

    "On 5th July 2020 I interviewed Debbie Evans, a retired NHS nurse and

  • The Deaths of Lock-Down Revealed?


    A few days ago the headlines were full of the news:-

    "100,000 dead in the UK from coronavirus"

    The death-toll attributed to the Covid pandemic in the UK was on every masthead, and Boris was said to be "deeply sorry".

    Fast forward to today and we learn that the Government has published its December assessment of the impacts of both Covid the disease and the Covid

  • Down the Rabbt Hole . . . Trump and the Cabal


    Every once in a while we find a presentation which, while couched well within "conspiracy theory" territory, challenges us to dispute its logic whilst highlighting the seemingly impossible task of making sense of the truth, sorting the wheat from the chaff, understanding our existence and the world as they actually are rather than as we assume that they are - and perhaps concluding that we are simply not in any position to "know" anything with absolute certainty.

    This is such a presentation.

    It isn't for everyone, but I include it precisely because it challenges our world view and makes us pause to take stock of what we think we know to be real, versus what might be real. As usual, what we think we know is based upon assumptions that we would (like all good

  • Dr Fuellmich Serves Cease and Desist Papers on Professor Christian Drosten


    Professor Drosten was the co-author of the Corman-Drosten paper which first described the RT-PCR test protocol for the SARS-Cov-2 virus. That protocol was quickly adopted by the WHO as their recommended test.

    That original paper was critically reviewed in November 2020.

    It pretty much goes without saying that if the test is flawed then so is the whole pandemic-lockdown strategy and quite possibly the pandemic itself.

    Dr Fuelmich has now taken the next logical step - to demand that Professor Drosten recompenses his client for the damage caused to his business

    Never mind this particular business - Governments may fall if this case

  • Class Action Covid Lawsuit in the USA?


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer who also practices in California.

    He is particularly concerned about the relevance of the PCR test when used as a means of assessing cases in the general population, and for the economic and personal damage caused by lock-downs.

    Read about his project (note: this is a German page translated by Google Translate - you may notice a few oddities :) .

    Also, watch this video:


    Like / Dislike this video

  • State of the World - Hugo Talks - Soft Cheese?


    I don't often include videos that make slightly rambling discourse about the current state of the world, but this one does seem to touch on a lot topical issues . . .

    Make of this what you will.


  • SARS-Cov-2 - Asymptomatic Transmission - True or False?


    Recently we have seen many full-page advertisements in the British press which feature the claim(above a very disturbing image of an elderly person in an oxygen mask) that:

    "Around 1 in 3 people who have Covid-19 have no symptoms and are spreading it without knowing"

    Let's examine this claim dispassionately.

    Covid-19 is the disease caused by SARS-Cov-2 the virus. It is possible to have the virus without symptoms but to be recognised to have the disease one must have symptoms, so this statement falls at the first hurdle. Nevertheless, let us be generous and examine the alternative statement that:

    "Around 1 in 3 people infected by SARS-Cov-2 have no symptoms and are spreading it without knowing"

    One must assume that they have identified

  • Lambeth: LIVE from the Brian For Mayor Digital Battle Bus


    Brian Rose is out on the road again pushing his campaign for election to Mayor of London.

    You may recall that we reported on his arrest whilst campaigning a couple of days ago. After reviewing the legal aspects he is out again in his "battle bus" visiting the borough of Lambeth.

    Anyone who has read the Aboutpage of this site will realise that we very much approve of independent candidates as an important antidote to our current stifling "two-party" system, and we are encouraged both by Brian's candidacy for this important political position, and by his

  • Environmental Health Trust et al v. Federal Communications Commission


    The EHT court case against the FCC - first report from the hearing in Washington DC.

    The EHT has published an article including two video reports, one assessing the way that the hearing went, the other an audio recording from the hearing itself.

    I found that latter quite revealing - to a laymen such as myself it seems extraordinary that the FCC (which one might have expected to have expertise in telecomms technology) should have relied on the FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) to assess the safety of electronic communications radiations. What were they thinking of?

    Anyway, enough of my legally unqualified opinions.

    The case continues, but Judge Robert L. Wilkins is reported to have stated to the FCC