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The UK Dictatorship has been under construction for many years, and the Covid "pandemic" may be merely the start of the final phase that will establish total control from the centre.

Alongside the much forecast financial collapse, lockdowns have shown us how we can be impoverished by eliminating independent businesses through bankruptcy, leaving the field clear for the big global corporations to supply the market unimpeded by competition.

UK Column in their article The UK New Normal Dictatorship takes us through the restructurings of power that have occurred over the years, unnoticed by those of us with lives to lead.

Largely these changes took place whilst our attention was distracted elsewhere, by the "big issues" such as devolution that didn't really seem to change the basics of our democracy, whilst the real diversion of power away from our elected representatives into the hands of seemingly innumerable "arms-length" bodies went on in the background.

UK Column describes the process, explains the new covert dictatorship, and points out the Parliamentary Bills that give the government a fig-leaf to cover its tracks (at least in their own minds), starting with the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2019/21.

"the UK Government has given itself and its agencies under this law the authority to commit any crime it likes without fear of prosecution" (we have previously covered this several times

"The pretty words in the ECHR and the UDHR transpire to mean nothing"

"The Police, Crimes, Sentencing and Courts Bill (download) is a huge, sprawling piece of legislation. It makes provisions on a multitude of judicial, law-enforcement and penal powers and regulations

Good to see the Civil Servants did their job of making legislation so horrendously complex that no MP would have had the time to read, digest, and work out all the "unintended consequences" before the whips made them vote on it.

This Bill "will make protest and other forms of direct action practically illegal in the UK. The right to protest, in any kind of meaningful sense, will be terminated when this Bill is enacted". It is currently at the Report stage in the House of Lords, after which it has its third reading and enters its final stages (Consideration of amendments, Royal Assent).

"With the CHIS in place, such police infiltrators are now free to steer protest movements in any direction they wish and can use any means, criminal or otherwise, to achieve government objectives"

Finally, the On-line Safety Bill (download) clamps down on our freedom of speech on the internet, on the pretexts of protecting children from sexual exploitation and all of us from terrorism and disinformation/misinformation.

"As far as this key concept of "disinformation and misinformation" goes in the OSB, that is the full extent of what we know! When we look at Section 49 (4), it appears merely to require online services to prepare an annual transparency report"

Much like the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2019/21 then.

Still think it couldn't happen here?