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We don't do party politics on this site, because we believe that the party political system (a) acts as gatekeeper to prevent people of "unsound" views from getting elected and (b) if any do by some mischance get through this filter, they will be controlled by the whip system to vote as the party desires rather than in the interests of their constituents. 

Those who control the political party leadership (by whatever means) have Parliament sewn up.

If the leadership of the very few major parties are all controlled (by whatever means) by a single controlling entity (UN-WEF partnership anybody?) then we live in a dictatorship.

That said, the Reform Party has just chucked a googly onto the playing field perfectly timed to warm up the next general election and to remind the population (warning - words are insufficient to do this justice but I'll try) of the extraordinary parliamentary and legal contortions that followed the last National Referendum, when they tried every finagle previously invented (and I suggest not a few invented specially for the occasion) to try to stay in the EU whilst kidding us that we were leaving it.

Much like they would currently persuade us that Climate Change policies and 15 minute cities and CBDCs and infinitely recurring vaccinations against who-knows-what-next-but-its-definitely-coming-pandemics are all for our health and safety.

Yes dear reader, Reform are suggesting (shock! horror!) that they will campaign for a Referendum on Net Zero, thus by passing the Political Parties and going straight to the people. The ensuing ruckus should confirm a few suspicions.

It's almost enough (whisper it softly) to persuade me to reconsider ... but whatever, stand by for some awesome incoming political entertainment!

Read all about it.

Just don't take it too seriously.