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"Under this law, authorities in London have granted themselves the power to surveil, harass, and ultimately imprison any British citizens they wish on similarly suspicionless grounds"

The National Security Act 2023 is now law (since July 2023).

One might be forgiven for thinking that we are at war, but with whom?

Perhaps not yet with Russia (although it does get an honourable mention) but that may simply be for want of trying, or perhaps outright incompetence. Don't encourage them.

Perhaps with Tucker Carlson? Certainly there are those who might hope so.

Or perhaps the EU is suspected of infiltrating its agents in a bid to bring us back into its decaying fold? Given the government's own past record on Brexit, this seems unlikely.

So who is the enemy here? 

"it will now be illegal to engage in conduct that interferes with fundamental rights, such as voting and freedom of speech, that are essential to the UK’s democracy"

Well now, who on earth could be indulging in such inappropriate conduct?

Kit Klarenberg reports for the Grayzone.