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Whilst we are on the mundane topic of traffic tribunals ...

... we rise up to take a birds-eye view of the likely course of future city interventions, courtesy of Laura Dodsworth.

It's not a vista conducive to wanting to move into the great metropolis of tomorrow in the same way that people moved into the metropolis of my youth - attracted by the bright lights, good times, funky clothing (yes, I did have a pair of flared trousers ... though never drainpipes), and the sense of "happening". It was mostly myth of course and it didn't take me long to move away, housing becoming insanely expensive and traffic ridiculous. 

Although that last bit is still true today, the dull compliance with all things rules-and-regulations that is required these days probably doesn't compete with the "happenings" of yesteryear. It is all going in the wrong direction, from bottom-up freedom to top-down one-size-fits-all coercion. Don't enter the hatched area, drive the right kind of car (this will change every year or two), mind the bus lane, pay the ULEZ charge, use the approved pronouns, go somewhere else to find a parking spot ... the list is endless.

So is the problem they are allegedly trying to solve: climate change. Nobody can tell you when we will achieve an acceptable "safe" climate, and for good reason - they don't define any measurable objectives. If we could measure it, we could (perhaps) achieve it, and they would immediately lose their ability to impose additional restrictions. Far better to rely on far-away unapproachable "authorities" like the UN to dictate policy.

The whole thing is devised to keep us down, lock us up in 15 minute cities, and feed us insects.

But I digress.

Sadiq Khan is the Chair of the C40 Cities.

But don't worry, if Sadiq does by some misadventure become deposed, there will be another WEF acolyte along directly to promise change and deliver their exact same plan with minor differences in presentation.

After all, what does the WEF care for democracy when they can rule the populace by psy-op?