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Martin Geddes is nothing if not persistent - but persistence is a virtue.

The panoply of legalese that is ranged against us is nothing if not seemingly impenetrable, and we don't in general have the time or the inclination to sort our way through the entanglements in order to establish the path back to honesty and integrity, so it falls to a few stalwarts who do muster the time and inclination, and are gracious to publish their results for our benefit.

They deserve our support.

Of course that doesn't absolve us of our responsibility to take on the challenges ourselves - in actuality it does the reverse - but it does give us a relatively clear road-map to guide us in so doing.

This is his latest update on his legal tussle with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, where he is maintaining his right to freedom of movement in his private carriage without the imposition of summary penalty, which is essentially one of our basic rights as expressed by Magna Carta.

"The path to peaceful reconciliation is to keep surfacing the wrongdoing while signposting the pathway back to honour and honesty"

Even I am surprised by just how many departures from constitutional law can be evinced by study of such a mundane act of authority as a traffic penalty.

"All actions that are taken outside of the umbrella protection of lawful acts are ultra vires and result in personal liability"

"Notice of Fraud
Failure to rebut is acquiescence"