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The G20 (inclusive of the original BRICS members) has reportedly agreed "to plan to eventually impose digital currencies and digital IDs on their respective populations"

No surprise there then.

"The group announced last week that they had agreed to build the necessary infrastructure to implement digital currencies and IDs"

If it's announced, it's likely all ready for beta test, even initial roll-out in some lucky country.

"European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called for digital ID systems similar to COVID-19 vaccine passports and for an international regulatory body for artificial intelligence (AI)"

"She ... called the European Union’s COVID-19 digital certificate a perfect model for digital public infrastructures (DPI), which would include digital IDs"

If it's controlled, praise it - if it isn't, regulate it.

Their capacity to carry on regardless of public disquiet never ceases to amaze.

"We should establish a framework for safe, responsible AI, with a similar body as the [IPCC] for climate"

Oh dear.  It doesn't look like the conspiracy theorists are going to be out of work any time soon.

The Daily Sceptic reports.



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