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Once again, Britain is leading the way in Europe! No doubt the Germans were so impressed by the British Parliament's recent efforts that they have passed what sounds much like a carbon copy (sorry - not carbon, that's being zeroed) of the recent UK Energy Bill. Or did the UK borrow our Bill from them? Well, we are still good Europeans at heart are we not?

Complete with heat pumps, mandatory renewables, all the usual impracticable nonsense that will leave the population cold, and its once unstoppable economic miracle - how to put this? - well, stopped. This promises to be as popular as a teetotaller at the Munich Oktoberfest. Speaking of which, I wonder when the good politicians of Germany (or the UK for that matter) will cotton on to how much CO2 is produced by the brewing industry ...

And after all, why would good Europeans need manufacturing industry when China / Far East does it all for us with plentiful coal power?

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