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What lies behind the Epstein case?

Why do allegations of ritual satanic abuse (whatever that is) keep arising, yet somehow never seem to lead to any convictions?

Why do today's pop artists and artistes so often seem to feature themes of the devil?

Most extraordinary of all perhaps - why did the official opening ceremony of the St Gotthard Tunnel feature such extraordinary scenes? One might have thought that on such an occasion a traditional Christian blessing by a suitably important local Bishop might have been more appropriate.

Does this have any links to the current trends toward what many consider to be the transsexual perversion, the transgender agenda?

I personally have no information, but I do detect a troubling undercurrent of increasingly in-your-face experiences across the world that don't sit well with the notion that it's all a ridiculous conspiracy theory. I suspect that there is no smoke without fire.

Here Dell Bigtree speaks to Sean Stone about his latest six-part docu-series (Oh no, not another one ... ) that tackles this topic (no doubt in the depth required to support a six-parter).

None of which is to detract from the seriousness of this subject. Whilst the discussion naturally tends to centre on events and circumstances in the US, I do find myself thinking that they could easily have been talking about the UK, or perhaps anywhere else in the western world.

See what you think.

WARNING - this is not suitable for children, or those who may be easily distressed.

(73 minutes)