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The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have made the news recently, but there have been many others around the world in recent times.

Much speculation has been centred on the assertions that at least some of these have been created deliberately. How on earth is that done? By using electromagnetic waves at enormous power to mess with the ionosphere, it is asserted that earthquakes below the heated area may be triggered. You wouldn't need power to move the tectonic plates, just enough to trigger release of the building tension between adjacent plates.

The HAARP (high frequency active auroral research program) installations around the world are supposed to be for monitoring and research purposes, but they are connected to electrical supplies capable of massive power - such as might be required to attempt such feats as to trigger an earthquake.

And we know that such power can be steered across the world to wherever it may be required. 

And all done under the cloak of "plausible deniability"?

Even if we are doubtful about an ability to trigger earthquakes, the ability to affect or even create weather seems far less demanding, and something that militaries around the world must have at least considered. Might this be one reason why the UK has systematically over the years reduced our armed forces to the point where other NATO members are saying that we are not capable of fighting a serious conflict any more? Floods and droughts, hurricanes and cyclones will do the job?

The spectre of duelling HAARP systems may not be fanciful, even if definitely scary!

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