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Barbara Boyd of LarouchePAC doesn't mince her words.

According to her, the "special relationship" between the USA and the UK was based upon cooperating intelligence services that ran the media, got their chosen politicians elected, and generally ran the two countries for their own ends.

All that fell apart when the Donald got elected in 2016.

In December 2018 the House of Lords published a report entitled "UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order" complete with all the usual verbiage about the "Rules-Based International Order" but noting that the "special relationship" in it's then form might survive one term of Trump but not two. 

In 2023 we can now see how correct they were.

" ... the Lords describe their second problem as populations in both the United States and Britain, who have been given too much access to information and believe “conspiracy” theories rather than official government accounts of their actions"

Who would have thought it?

"They propose to answer this by controlling public opinion through censoring and controlling cyberspace"

Well, it's a bit late for that now, that train left the station a while back.

"When the British side of the operations against Trump are examined, the exercise undertaken in the report’s third part, it is impossible not to conclude that the British were the real meddlers in the 2016 Presidential election and have continued to lead the insurrection and sedition against Trump’s presidency"

Read all about it.