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Announcement by the International Common Law Court of Justice.

This site has no opinion on such proceedings, except to say that the charges are indeed extremely grave and the function of the Court is to try them in public to see whether there is any truth in them. If there is none, then the charges should be rejected.

Let justice be done and be seen to be done. 

Certainly it would be impossible for the King as constitutional monarch to be tried by his own Courts in the UK.

In this instance, this does not appear to be a trial, it is simply an investigation by a tribunal. Presumably if the tribunal concludes that a trial is necessary, it will be called for a later date.

It should be stated that not everybody accepts that the ICLCJ has any legal standing (and certainly it has no standing under any authority of the UN), but ultimately its standing under Common Law (which is the supreme law of the United Kingdom) is for the people to decide.

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