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Can't wait?

I thought not, but will we Brits be welcomed after we so foolishly exited the EU on the entirely unwise grounds that we wanted to govern our own country?

Now we can truly see how the EU is leapfrogging into the glorious technocratic future whilst we poor deluded "democrats" are getting left outside the big tent. Has the train already left the station, or will we be just in time to scramble awkwardly onto the very last coach?

In the words of the song, "when will they ever learn?".

Still, now that both our government and our Royal Family are fully owned by acolytes of the WEF, perhaps we can hope that they will arrest our decline and pull us back into the fast lane toward the future smart-utopia, and useless "democratic accountability" be damned!

Technocracy News has the story.



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