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This has got to be the greatest conspiracy theory of our times, and probably since the great flood in the time of Noah.

Many people will be shocked and outraged by this content because it challenges everything we believe about the world we have lived in all our lives. If you are not yet prepared to consider wholesale revisions to your worldview ...  best leave this page now.

"Everything ... and I mean everything, is a lie"

It's a story of dreadful crimes against children that have been endemic for centuries, even millennia.

It's also the story of the Cabal's plan to depopulate the earth and enslave what remains of humanity as their "servants" under the technocratic control of AI.

It's also a story of remarkable courage, decades of planning, and astonishingly bold action to bring all that to an abrupt (on the historical scale) and final end - globally. 

You can't fault the ambition.

Preposterous? Certainly.

True? Plenty of preposterous events have been undertaken in history - it is, sadly, no bar to being true.

Part 1 was released in January 2021, and covers historical events. Your interpretation may vary but the events described certainly took place.

There has been a lot of water under the bridge since then, and many will find it difficult to reconcile the messages in this video with these more recent events (and I'm not going to try to explain even If I knew what I was talking about).

Suffice to say, it's a huge operation, and we can't know all the details.

I consider these videos unsuitable for children.

Part One:

(98 minutes)


If you are still eager for more after watching part one, parts two and three follow below, but are very different from part one.

Part two gives Charlie a platform for explaining his understanding of how the Trump phenomenon relates to passages in the Bible, and vice versa. I suggest that this is optional for those who are not committed students of the Bible.

(2 hrs 48 mins)

Watch part two here.

Part Three:

Here Charlie takes us through his understanding of how events surrounding the Trump presidency unfolded out of the public view.

It's important to remember that at the time this video was recorded, the expectation was that the election fraud would be made public within weeks, or at worst months. In fact it is only now becoming public, almost two years later.

It is also a rather slow and didactic presentation whose style I don't find very compelling of attention, but he does provide a logical presentation that may well be close to the truth.

How much of this we choose to believe or watch is up to us.

(2 hrs 56 mins)

Watch part three here.