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UNN reports on the ongoing flood of immigrants being welcomed by HMG.

"The Channel hoppers are almost exclusively fighting-age men; many have the hardened look of soldiers"

I can't vouch for the "hardened look" personally, and it's a subjective opinion, but we surely didn't vote to leave the EU in order to install an open-door immigration policy for migrants who bypass the normal immigration procedures.

"My guess is that this vast young male influx is to populate a New Model Army, for which internal military action is planned in the near future. And perhaps this inverted  D-Day will be sooner than you think"

Now he's well into the realms of outright speculation, but I'm not going to say that he's wrong - it's certainly all very concerning.

Word on the back-channels does seem to support an acceleration of events this month.

We may be wise to stock up on a certain amount of food and water, not to mention batteries. With luck we won't need them, but I'm sure such will come in handy in due course anyway, so will not be wasted.

Worth a short perusal.