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Whilst one may be a supporter of Net Zero if one considers the need to be proven and the promoters (the WEF-UN partnership) to be trustworthy, one may also suspect that governments and "public-private-partnerships" could be used to funnel public cash into private pockets via payment for bogus services, possibly via short-lived limited liability companies.

Indeed, given the size of some of these contracts it's quite hard to see how such large sums could otherwise be spent to so little effect.

So if the Net Zero scam can be purposed to bring more clarity (and hopefully integrity) to the opaque world of the award of public contracts, then in principle one should support that.

The Good Law project has demonstrated in the past how much Covid procurement was "mishandled" using favoured fast-tracked suppliers, so it's no surprise to note that much the same may be going on in the Net Zero procurement arena - it would probably be a surprise if it wasn't.

"Framework agreements set out the terms under which public bodies can award contracts to suppliers without going through regular, open tendering processes"

" ... based on what we know so far, this agreement offers the Place Group a way of controlling how the entire public sector, from the NHS to local government offices, will award contracts even loosely connected to ‘climate’ issues"

... and take it all out of the "regular open tendering processes" into the bargain.

Speaking of surprises, what on earth is the involvement of the East of England Broadband Network (E2BN) in awarding such £70 billion Net Zero framework agreements?

The more you read, the worse it looks.



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