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After the "moon landings", do we now have the "Higgs boson"?

This interesting article from the Millenium Report asks a lot of obvious questions that perhaps won't make them any friends in high places.

What do we know about the large hadron collider?

It's vastly expensive

It's a tax-payer's money-pit

It's far too horribly complex for mere mortals to understand

It "found" the Higgs boson (for which it had been looking for years ... )

Nobody can see what it actually does (as it's buried underground)

Not that different from the moon landings project then? Or even the internal workings of big government?


So is it perhaps yet another means to launder tax-payers' money through to deep state pockets?

Does it have a practicable benefit for mere mortals?

Or is it maybe a military project to develop yet more weapons of unimaginable power?

Some even suspect (given the extraordinary dance routines that graced the opening of the new St Gotthard tunnel) that it may have occult or even satanic purposes.

And what has CERN to do with that now-indispensable modern convenience, the internet?

All this and more in the Millenium Report (from 2016!).