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I suppose it's a simple concept verging on the trivial, but the effects may be far from trivial if it gives us the ready means to identify the problem of our age - a problem which is subtle enough to escape the multitude that work with overly simplistic assumptions.

One illustration of this would be the alleged mortgage swindles that afflict many British mortgages that were never set up with the correct signatures in the first place.

Another illustration is the ursurpation of the sovereignty of the people by Parliament, on the pretext that the MPs represent us and our interests.

So what exactly is meta-fraud?

"The wrongfulness becomes normalised, and given the passage of decades, centuries, and even millennia assumes an aura of being beyond question"

"Covid-19 the meta-fraud is to kill you in the name of your own health and wellbeing; a pure inversion of what is right and real"

You get the idea, and I'm sure you can think of more examples ...

"The decline and fall of the empire of meta-fraudsters looks like a horrific end of established society, but actually it is only the beginning of genuine civilisation"

Government in its current form will not survive the arrival of this word.