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Visitors to this site may be familiar with Benjamin Fulford's reports, which frequently mention the "Khazarian Mafia".

Most of us had never heard of Khazaria, so a history lesson may be in order. Whilst I have read other reports covering some of the same territory, I would say that this article from Veterans Today is one of the most comprehensive and digestible narratives.

As VT points out, the KM have repeatedly clashed with the Russians over the centuries - maybe this simple fact sheds light on the current conflict in the Ukraine. Russia vs Khazaria has form, and neither side seems likely to back down.

The KM has also been active in the UK for centuries (according to VT), being one of the parties that had a interest in the English Civil War (which our history books largely ascribe to the clash between Parliament and Royalty - then as now it appears that Parliament may have been influenced by the KM!).

Of course the New World was a source of new riches and it was natural that the KM would become involved there too - after the British Empire, the American Empire was ripe for looting, and the UK-USA combo since WW2 has been busy reshaping the world, firstly through wars and latterly through the agency of the UN and world banking cartels, to bring the rest of the globe into line.

"The future of the Rothschild KM will likely be determined by Veterans Today readers and We The People who learn the secret, forbidden history of the Khazarian Mafia that was excised from the history books and libraries by the KM to protect their evil history that no one would accept if it was known.

So share this story with your family, friends, and associates and take it viral. Be clear about this — unless the KM is able to operate in abject secrecy, it will be attacked from all sides and destroyed forever. So take away their secrecy by exposing their hidden history for all Americans to know and understand"

Worth reading? It's your judgement that counts.