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Dr Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Show identifies "at least 20 crimes in the package insert" for this "FDA approved" vaccine:

"they disclose nothing of what they are legally obligated to do"

"available data ... administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy" and "it's not known if it is excreted in human milk"

RedPil78 claims to have read the whole letter from the FDA to Pfizer, and claims that the "new" approval amounts to nothing more than a long-winded restatement of the existing emergency use approval:


There again, in the fog of war the truth is always the first casualty.

We just need to find out who is telling the porkies, but so far, that's beyond me.

What I would say is that nothing alters the fact that there is no adequate long-term safety record associated with this jab, and it would appear that the FDA on this ground alone would have no business granting a full approval (or even an emergency use approval except perhaps in limited circumstances - but it's done that already). 


USAWatchdog also confirms that the current Pfizer "vaccine" is still only available under the EUA:

"The FDA has granted approval to some future vaccine called “Comirnaty.” ...  (Here’s the letter from the FDA to Pfizer [download]) You cannot get Comirnaty now because it does not exist"

Worth reading in full.