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The BBC reports that the FDA has granted full approval to the Pfizer Covid-19 "vaccine" for use in the United States for those aged 16 and over.

"The vaccine, which will now be marketed as Comirnaty, was found to be 91% effective in preventing Covid disease"

How that squares with the multiple conflicting reports that the vaccine may not protect from infection is a nuance that may evade many.

ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) notes that

"The emergency use authorizations [download] for the COVID-19 vaccines require that providers of the vaccines report all COVID-19 cases in vaccinated individuals who get COVID-19 and are hospitalized or die. Healthcare professionals have reported to ICAN, stating in no uncertain terms, that this is not happening"

and believes that 

"It seems incredibly misleading to tell the country that all hospitalizations and deaths are in the unvaccinated when the CDC itself does not appear to be capturing or analyzing data to support that assertion"

Read the full legal update.

I'm sure that this full authorisation will be challenged through the courts, but I'm equally convinced that our own MHRA will not wait for that but will follow in lockstep with the FDA and grant the same full authorisations in the UK.

Stand by for further authorisations for the Moderna and J&J vaccines in short order.

See a full update of the situation for reported vaccine deaths and injuries within the EU (as at 31/07/2021) from Technocracy News.

For a reasonably wide-ranging round-up of what we know about vaccine effectiveness as at the end of July (including what we know about the UK situation) see this article from UK Column.