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Now and then I come across a presentation that turns everything I thought I knew upside down - this is (almost) one of them.

From Dr Jerry Tennant I learned that the body works primarily on an electrical basis, from others I learned about mitochondria being the power within the cell, and from others still I learned that the cells of our body probably communicate using electromagnetic means (ie: light).

From Arthur Firstenberg I learned that there is a serious case to be made that the alteration of our electromagnetic environment over many decades has been the cause of much illness - and in effect amounts to environmental destruction.

This presentation takes the topic to a whole new level - but it's a steep learning curve and you may want to watch it several times before you grasp the nuances that abound.

It would appear as I suspected that the body works in a far more elegant and intricate way than the medical professions begin to understand - and (as I did not suspect) that Nikola Tesla may not have been right about quite everything!

(97 minutes)


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Dr Jack Kruse.