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"This coupled variability improves the performance of statistical models, which project further weakening of North Atlantic Oscillation, North Atlantic cooling and hiatus in wintertime North Atlantic-Arctic sea-ice and global surface temperature just like the 1950s–1970s"

So we have our old friends the climate modellers, still busily introspecting on how to make their simplistic models reflect the mind-boggling complexity of our global convection and volcanic heating and cooling systems, not to mention the characteristics of the solar heating and cooling systems that influence our entire planetary solar system.

And who is to say that similar galactic systems hitherto undreamed of may not also be governing the heating/cooling cycles of the entire Milky Way?

Am I alone in thinking that the hubris of our ever-more-intricately-modelling pseudo-scientists knows no bounds?

If you have a mind to, you can follow their latest updates here.

Now I'm not saying that their efforts are worthless, simply that as yet they have not been clever enough to make any predictions that have stood the stern test of time, which after all is the only way that we will know if they are on the right track or not.

For myself I think I'll wait for a fifty year climate projection that actually turns out to be more or less accurate before I pay any more attention to their babblings - and even then we should probably wait another fifty years to increase our confidence level before we undertake any kind of drastic action (that we may well regret) to try to influence our climate one way or another.