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Legal Repeal

  • Are we Subjects of a System of Subinfeudation?


    Martin Geddes asks how our system of government became corrupt, and notes how that corrupt system was legally ended with the execution of King Charles I. You may argue that what followed was no better, but that doesn't invalidate the legal principle, it merely describes the result at the time.

    Martin then enlightens us about an Act of Parliament passed in 1649, which may open a whole new can of worms...

    In the mention of this he states:

    "So 'we the people' are sovereign, and act as principal, delegating this sovereignty to government, our agent"

    Well, not as I understand it, although this does bring out another aspect of the corruption of our constitutional arrangements: Government and Parliament are emphatically not the same thing.

    Under the separation of powers, Parliament proposes legislation which is then

  • Debate the Emotions - WW3 Depends on Us


    I'm all for rational debate, but when the emotions overrule the preparedness to listen, rational debate becomes... difficult.

    The Israel vs Hamas debate has a high emotional content on both sides which doesn't actually facilitate the exchange of ideas and arguments in reasoned debate, because the protagonists are far more focused on making their own points than on listening to their opponents points and forming rational responses.

    Surely this is why we have rules of debate in parliaments and in the United Nations that focus on allowing each in turn to have their say, uninterrupted.

    When reporters take sides and become emotionally driven protagonists in the debate, journalism suffers. If their audience is to have a fair chance to calmly weigh the pros and cons presented by each side, then they need to conduct themselves to favour rational debate over and above the need to score points for "their team".


  • The State of Palestine Speaks at the UN


    (11 minutes)


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  • More on EMF Dangers in the Energy Bill - Effective but Neither Safe nor Insurable


    Richard Vobes interviews Eileen O'Conner, from the Radiation Research Trust, who explains how the Government has pushed through the recent Energy Bill without proper consultation:

    (54 minutes)


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  • To Comply, or to Fight Back?


    This is the follow-on from Martin Geddes' "court case" over non-payment of council tax.

    It's a marathon rather than a sprint, but Martin isn't minded to give up when he sees that he is winning.

    I doubt that the council will want to go to a real court because by all accounts the real courts have already conceded that the tax is unenforceable, but they may no longer retain the initiative.

    Martin is doing this for everybody - his is the test case that should "blow the bloody doors off" even if mainstream media does ignore it, as is their wont with anything that challenges the status quo. There will be keyboard warriorsenough to get the news out.

  • If Your Dreams Don't Scare You ...


    ... they're Not Big Enough!

    Thus spake the narrator (not sure who!) of this video for the Awareness Foundation, introducing the Republic of England

    The said Republic I find difficult to understand, since they don't seem to have any short sharp videos or articles that I can feature, so this video, albeit 2 hours in length, will have to suffice.

    There are others from alternative channels to which I have also provided links (also over one hour long! butthis one is only 10 minutes - the other extreme really) , so you can take your pick.

    "Too simple!" I hear you cry...  but the best ideas are

  • Global Financial Crash / Nesara - Gesara Imminent?


    This is as they say "scuttlebutt" - word on the internet street - conspiracy theory on steroids, fit only for nerds who have nothing better to do with their time than scan the usual suspect sites for new mis/dis/information. Yes, guilty as charged.

    I don't normally feature videos from this source because, well, you likely have neither the time nor the inclination to sit through it all, and yes, he can be annoyingly slow at getting to the point, and yes, he is mostly of interest to those residing over the pond. He isn't the BBC/CNN etc. He's a bloke who does what he feels led to do.

    But today is the exception.

    I suspect he has a very significant - nay huge - point to make here, and I believe his track record to be pretty good, which is why I'm featuring his work today (you can skip the first 21 minutes without missing anything of substance 😎 but DO watch from there at least to the 50 / 60 minute mark).


  • The Case for Due Process


    One wouldn't think that it would be necessary to demand due process from a court of law.

    When it is, maybe we need to take into account the possibility that it isn't a real court of law, especially when due process is peremptorily denied.

    This article (part 4 of the series) follows on from part 3: Martin Geddes' recent "court" appearance on account of his demand for due process in connection with his declining to pay his council tax demand in absence of due process.

    How complicated is this really? Just as complicated as they can make it through obfuscations evasions and unwarranted assertions of all kinds, and as perhaps we might imagine, it's the stuff they don't address that matters.

  • The Man Publicly in the Cross-Hairs


    This is part three of Martin Geddes "Court" case with regard to his withholding of council tax (read part two here)

    Martin Geddes ruminates on the the nature of psychological oppression as applied by those who masquerade as our authorities, following his "court" appearance for non-payment of council tax.

    Read his report,

    Watch the video:

    (11 minutes)



  • Legitimate Hope for Peace in the Middle East?


    There are multiple viewpoints on the Israel-Hamas situation, mostly overwhelmingly in favour of one side or the other. My instincts tell me that such polarity of opinion is unhealthy, and indeed encouraged in order to stoke the "gullible masses" into fighting amongst themselves once more. 

    We must resist the temptation. There's enough fighting going on already, cooler heads should prevail.

    Thanks to the situation in the Ukraine, Scott Ritter is no stranger to our web pages, and it would appear that his analyses on that front have turned out to be more right than wrong. So it is with some level of confidence that I can present his latest video, this time featuring his quite comprehensive analysis of the situation in the Middle East.

    However, cool it isn't. Actually I suspect that his analysis is cool, but his presentation is certainly animated. Don't blink or you'll miss something. This is an analysis from all aspects and all sides, military, political,

  • Give Us the Money!


    This is part two of Martin Geddes "Court" case with regard to his withholding of council tax (read part one here).

    Apparently it went much as expected, with no due process discernible.

    A sad day for local councils and our "magistrates courts".

    (Stand by for part three)

  • WEF to Lose Diplomatic Immunity?


    Pascal Najadi, retired investment  banker, has the WEF in his sights following the non-resignation of the Swiss president earlier this year.

    His father was one of the WEF's founders, so he knows a thing or two about them.

    Although he took the Covid jabs initially, he now believes that in fact, it was a bioweapon, and he initiated legal action against the Swiss Federal Council. He also reckons that the time has come to revoke the diplomatic immunity accorded by the Swiss government to the World Economic Forum. 

    And bearing in mind the number of similar



    "The Wakaminenga Māori Government (“WMG”) operate under “Native Māori Jurisdiction.” It is the first nation jurisdiction of New Zealand. It is recognised in pre and post-treaty British imperial law"

    "Since 28 October 1835, the WMG has been recognised under international law as the lawful government of Aotearoa Nu Tireni (transl. New Zealand)"

    Agreement was reached with the British that they would protect the Maori from all attempts upon their independence, and that all who came to New Zealand to settle and/or to trade would also be protected.

    In other words, mutual protection.

    So how have the Maori government of New Zealand reacted to the Covid over-reach?

    As the lawful government of New Zealand, they have revived their administration and reportedly put some of the perpetrators on

  • Get Out of This!


    Martin Geddes is nothing if not persistent.

    This is his latest round of persistence in challenging the alleged fraud of the obligation to pay Council Tax.

    Whatever we may think of the notion that we may not need to pay Council Tax (after all, somebody has to collect the rubbish!) it is a sad reflection on the rule of law that it isn't obviously a lawful obligation.

    Of course it's perfectly lawful to pay Council Tax, just as it's perfectly lawful to give a gift to a street beggar - the contention lies in the notion that it is not lawful to not pay it. After all, it's a sound principle of law that an obligation to pay arises from a contract, and a contract requires a meeting of minds on the part of both parties. 

    So Martin's quest to test the lawfulness of the alleged obligation to pay Council Tax is a noble quest, because if our governments (local and/or national) are issuing fraudulent demands for payment by

  • The Whitewash Liberally Applied


    Baroness Hallett appears to be fulfilling her brief as Chairperson of the Covid Inquiry in spades, if the latest report from the Daily Sceptic is to be believed.

    Of course there can be no countering of official group-think, especially when that same group-think may have led to unconscionable crimes by the said officials, but is not the very purpose of the enquiry to hear the real evidence and to follow that evidence wherever it may lead, even to uncover and demonstrate possible perversity in the group-think itself?

    Well, maybe, or maybe not.

    "In one of the most jaw-dropping interjections of the inquiry to date, Baroness Hallett... pressed Sir Peter Horby, an esteemed epidemiologist at Oxford University, who had indicated that he believed universal masking was not a straightforward decision: “I’m sorry,

  • The Man Who Made a Difference


    This is the story of the authorities' persecution of a gym owner during lockdown, as related by Martin Geddes.

    In a world where far worse actions are routinely taking place abroad, it is still a salutary story, because it took place on our doorstep here in England, and it demonstrates exactly why a police and courts system with no "moral compass" must be held to account.

    Eddie Ellwood: the man who made a difference.

  • Seminar on Constitutional Law


    Brought to us by Martin Geddes, this seminar by William Keyte is described, Magna Carta is referenced, and the jury system is cited.

    "Knowledge of natural law has been occulted, to the detriment of the many, and benefit of a few"

    "there is massive gaslighting and miseducation, such as the constant repetition that our constitution is unwritten, when it is not"

    "Most people in the legal profession sincerely believe they are functioning under the constitution"

    "To play them at their illegitimate game is to volunteer to lose"

    "We pay too much attention to what 'they' are doing to us, and not enough to what we should be doing"

    "There is no real education here of juries as to their power and rights"

    "Alternating manifestos

  • So You Think You Know Your GDPR?


    Leaving the EU in order to reestablish our national sovereignty was a good idea at the time, also the prerequisite for maintaining our traditional freedoms, but it turns out that it only served to highlight the tremendous gulf between the people's idea of freedom and our government's idea of freedom - the latter amounting to little more than the freedom to do only what we are told.

    We have seen a succession of Bills trundling through Parliament in recent times (not counting the Coronavirus Act 2020 - all 348 pages of it - how long would it take to draft such a beast? - which was rushed through Parliament as an 'emergency measure' in 3 days flat):

    Online Harms Bill


  • Pfizer on the Skids?


    I'm breaking a rule here - I prefer to avoid speculation, but this is only partly speculation - Pfizer's stock price has already dropped fairly precipitously, albeit from a high level. Is this the price activity of a successful company beloved of its customers (and investors), or is there more to the story?

    Of course it could be that with Covid now languishing in the past, the scope for selling vaccines is simply greatly diminished, so future profits are not looking so rosy. Still, regardless of what the ordinary person may think of the vaccines, they do tend to be sold to governments behind closed doors, so the stock price is really dependent upon what the governments think is the scope for vaccines in the future. It's not so obvious that they have lost faith in the concept.

    "Since November of 2022, Pfizer has deviated from the trend of the

  • Reiner Fuellmich Arrested in Mexico and Flown to Germany


    Dr Fuellmich has made big waves with his extensive investigations of the Covid pandemic and its circumstances, culminating in the Grand Jury - The Covid Court of Public Opinion.

    He then fell out with the Covid Investigative Committee, or they with him, and set up his own independent investigation ICIC Law.

    Charges have reportedly now been filed in Germany, and he was arrested in Mexico when he went to the German embassy to renew his