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  • The Delingpod - Featuring Brian Gerrish


    The story of Brian Gerrish, his time in the Navy, his time as a journalist at UK Column, and his viewpoint on how our UK government really operates.

    "... you're talking about a multi-billion pound industry... children as a commodity are worth a fortune"

    And that's not the half of it.

    If you want to know how our governing classes operate, watch to the end.


    (2 hrs 1 min)



  • Reiner Fuellmich Interviews MK Ultra Survivor


    Cathy O'Brien has lived through more than anyone should have to live through - child abuse - paedophilia - torture - occult rites - MK Ultra mind-control.

    Why is this important? These factors are utilised by those in power to draw suitable candidates into their web of corruption and blackmail through which they can potentially control anyone and everyone in any position of power and/or influence.

    As practised by powerful families over many generations. It goes back a long way, including the post-war Operation Paperclip.


    Make of this what you will...

    (88 minutes)



  • Covid - the Undead Pandemic that Refuses to Die (in the Minds of "Regulators")


    Words fail.

    A new Covid "booster" jab - for children? 

    Children who by every known metric were never (even at the height of the "pandemic") at any serious risk from Covid are being invited - nay, "bribed" even - to take part in a trial for a new Covid "booster" that will certainly come with associated and probably serious "side effects". Only for the "unlucky few" of course.

    A "booster" that is only required because the original jab didn't provide the promised protection.

    Would you go back to eat in the same restaurant that served you a bad meal the first time?

    The White Rose takes this suggestion apart.

    Meanwhile Conservative MP

  • The Sound of Freedom


    Iain Davis, writing for UK Column, reviews the reactions of the critics to this film, released so far in the US and not yet in the UK.

    "The Sound of Freedom" was made pre-Covid (was there such a time?!) in cooperation with Operation Underground Railroad and isn't new - yet it has only recently been released for public viewing. That delay in itself makes for an interesting sub-plot - did nobody want to recoup their investment?

    The film isn't about railroads, but about human trafficking - in particular, the trafficking and exploitation of children. So it's about shining some public light on something that the perpetrators would very much rather keep under wraps.

    Neither Iain nor I have seen the film, but the reactions of the press may perhaps tell us something.

    "Unlawful and Possibly Criminal"


    Dr Anna Loutfi of The Bad Law Project explains what is going on in our schools in their attempt to teach PSHE (Personal Social Health and Economic since you ask).

    It seems to be inexplicably linked with RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) and HE (Health Education).

    Full disclosure - the Bad Law Project has links with the Reclaim Party. This site does not support any political party, but we are concerned about the state of our education system, upon which the government is always happy to impose its own brilliant ideologies, so on balance we are happy to feature this video.

    Of course, the government doesn't invent its ideologies, it imports them from... well, anywhere really, but

  • Catastrophe in Schools?


    Our schools are apparently bending over backwards to accommodate the self-identity preferences of school-kids, no matter how unusual.

    It is reported that there has been some brouhaha over the desire of one young lady to self-identify as a cat. She was (reportedly) supported by her teacher who strongly disagreed with another class member who considered the cat identity ridiculous, and insisted that her unusual identity is perfectly valid and acceptable. 

    Now most people would probably think that this is all a lot of nonsense that should be firmly squashed, the girls and boys should be firmly told that they are human, and that's an end of it.

    But although everybody is getting mighty steamed up about all this, I think the cat-girl is absolutely

  • Good Scouting Project


    The Good Law Project highlights that the world can be an unsafe place for children.

    It stands to reason that predatory people will know where to look for their prey, so it isn't really surprising that the Scouts (no doubt alongside other institutions) may feature on the list for paedophiles.

    So a reminder that it's everybody's responsibility to be aware of the possibilities and to take appropriate safeguards, is useful.

    The GLP also highlight the assertion that the Scout Association "did their best to downplay what had happened" - which is understandable from the marketing viewpoint of course.

    So the idea of a central point that may be contacted by those who wish to put forward their own experiences is perhaps a useful contribution to greater transparency and safety, and may

  • The Fulford Review - Wednesday


    Benjamin reviews the current state of the world for Patriot Underground on Bitchute.

    "The US is under attack, there's no doubt about it"

    Is anything what it seems?

    As always, make up your own mind.

    (50 minutes)



  • PCPW at Parliament Square!


    An excellent report from PCPW on the 17th of May protest outside Parliament - 

    "It should never have been necessary in any country that prides itself on fair play and decency to have to campaign and gather in public to advocate for the safety of children"

    Indeed so, yet we have now come to the stage where black is white, up is down, and wrong is right. There is no rhyme or reason to it, except to convince people that the battle is lost, even kids are fair game, and resistance is futile.

    Wrong on all counts.


  • How Do You Shut Down the Traffic(king)?


    A system seemingly as old as the hills and just as hard to knock over.

    Martin Geddes brings us up to date with the view from the bottom, the view of those who have encountered the system at first hand, who have experienced it as individuals, and have been through it and know it very personally.

    "There is a national emergency that most people cannot comprehend"

    "We are stonewalled by the authorities at every opportunity"

    "We cannot let this continue ... every town and city in the entire country is the same"

    This is the story of our times, we just never knew it.


  • Is the Pretendency Going Down?


    This is a bit rambling over the introductions for my taste, but Mike Gill explaining the Pandora Papers is the substance and it doesn't disappoint. Not only that, he takes it slowly enough to make it comprehensible to those unfamiliar with the integration between the government agencies and financial corruption.

    It starts with the routine mortgage scams that seem to endemic in the western world, but it moves on to how the corruption works at the highest level.

    Not suitable for children. Make what you will of it.

    (58 minutes)



  • A Rant for Our Times from North of the Border


    The control grid is collapsing in the face of unprecedented publicity, but it will not go voluntarily, it will go only through non-compliance, defunding, and whatever small victories we can each secure through legal peaceful and persuasive means.   

    "In my long life I have never before experienced such overt political corruption, flagrant lying, censorship of free speech, authoritarian tyranny and demonic evil as we, the people, have been subjected to over recent years"

    (And that's before we get on to the grooming of our children from age 3 upward by the WHO through their network of "non-profit" foundations whose material is eagerly promulgated throughout government-sponsored

  • Sex and the Global Power Elite


    This is an article that I never envisaged in my wildest nightmares that I would be writing.

    Sex is indeed a complex topic, and I am no "expert" in the matter, but this is not about sex, it's about the destruction of our future by those who are either mad, evil, deluded, or incompetent on a scale that beggars belief. Or perhaps all four.

    We have all heard stories about "drag queen story hours" and the like, but without wishing to get into the weeds on the details there can only be one purpose behind these apparently global initiatives.

    I'll start at the beginning.

    We were all children once.

    I say that because it's obvious, but maybe it isn't... nevertheless let's make that working assumption.

    As children we were (mostly) dandled on our parents knees, read stories, told what we could and couldn't do (for our safety) and

  • Teachers Union Shows Its Colours


    Any comment that I could offer on this would clearly be superfluous.

  • It's About Unlearning All the Lies


    David Adelman (author of "School - No Place for Children") educates Richard Vobes on the system, and how to disengage from it and regain our sovereign freedom.

    "Modern Slavery Act 2015 - section 3 Subsection 5 - It is a crime to force or induce a person to do something against their will using threats or force"

    "1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - Article 28 - All discipline in schools should respect human dignity"

    "We seriously underestimate the evil that is being visited on the young ones in the classroom"

    "... there is no 'wholesome cohesive culture' in the classroom... "

    "It's not just the school anymore in which you're

  • The Transgender Truths that We Need to Know


    Trans man Scott Nugent explodes the myths and the truths behind the transgender movement, particularly the campaigns to persuade kids that changing their gender is a good idea.

    Everybody should watch this twitter video, but be warned - it isn't for the faint of heart.

    But it is unmissable.

  • Semiotics Explained, & Taking the War to the Enemy


    It's never too late to learn a new word, and "semiotics" is today's opportunity!

    So all you smug intellectuals who already knew it can now look down your noses at me in confident superiority - and provided you limit your pride to your comparative knowledge of linguistics, then I demur not.

    So why do I mention this apparently random word here? Well, it appears in the latest contribution to our understanding of the Woke, the Gender dysphoria, and the Transgender indoctrination ideologies that so infect our public institutions these days, in diametric opposition that eternal bedrock of our civilised humanity, the family.

    Until now(/recently?) the propagation and upbringing of the human race has been

  • Climate Change Flooding UK Schools


    It's no secret that our schools are not teaching our kids how to think - they are teaching them what they want them to think.

    This was brought home to me in 2019 when I attended a General election hustings at a local school - there was no dissent, climate change was an emergency and what were we going to do about it?

    "Give me the child until seven, and I will give you the man, said Aristotle, a phrase understood down the ages"

    "... there are few ideas in today’s climate political agenda that require more faith than the forecasts of climate models"

    Succinctly put.

    "The school briefing notes suggest that climate models 'have been used to make accurate projections for the past 50 years, and have advanced significantly during this time' "

    "In fact, it would more accurate to say that they have

  • Fulford Report Monday 30th January 2023


    Another report not to be missed today.

    As always, much of this cannot be verified...  war these days is always about misinformation and deceit of the enemy. Why would the "white hats" or "black hats" broadcast their intentions? 

    Parts of it are unsuitable for children.

    Modest subscription required to read the full report.


  • And Mayhem in Brighton and Elsewhere


    This time it's the Home Office in the cross-hairs, according to the Observer as reported by the Guardian.

    "Dozens of asylum-seeking children have been kidnapped by gangs"

    "A whistleblower ... and child protection sources describe children being abducted off the street outside the hotel and bundled into cars"

    "... the Home Office was warned repeatedly by police that the vulnerable occupants of the hotel – asylum-seeking children who had recently arrived in the UK without parents or carers – would be targeted by criminal networks"

    But is it just a one-off?

    "... the ... whistleblower also described witnessing children being in effect trafficked from a similar


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