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The Unelected

  • Veteran Journalist Chris Hedges Reviews Today's Issues


    Israel/Gaza/Iran, Julian Assange, American imperialism, Israeli influence, etc etc.

    A wide-ranging review of today's ills, and how we got here.

    (80 minutes)


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  • Mark Steele - Geordie Antidote to the Deep State?


    OK, it helps if you happen to be an expert in regional "English" (which I am not), but I just about managed to keep up with this one.

    Mark Steele of Save Us Now infamy, scourge of Gateshead Council, and electronic warfare expert who has forgotten nothing of his craft, shares his assessment of the current war of the Deep State vs the People with Ana Maria Mihalcea.

    Do give it a go, you are sure to learn something new from this presentation - once you get used to deciphering the Geordie.

    (65 minutes)



  • Messages From Japan and Helsinki


    (9 minutes)

    A Message from Japan to the World by Aussie17

    Delivered by Prof Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School.

    Read on Substack
    Dr Asseem Malhotra has also been testifying about the Covid scam in Helsinki.
    Read his testimony
  • Is Organic Still Organic?


    Sir Julian Rose, long-time supporter and practitioner of organic farming on the Hardwick Estate, reviews how he became involved in organc, through to today's organic scene - and and how to transition from conventional to organic... 

    And what exactly is the government's "Green New Deal"?

    "... subsidy does create slaves... "

    Original article on UK Column.

    (64 minutes)



  • Down the Rabbit Hole to ... Panpsychism!


    Today we feature the UK's own Mancunian Dr Keith Scott-Mumby, medical doctor extraordinary who isn't afraid to think outside the box (and has written interesting books about his results).

    "This is not the time to stand pat and do nothing. This is the time to mobilize. We have to evolve a new way of civilized living that will survive the wolves and hyenas of economic control, woke-ism and intolerance"

    "So we need to unite under one banner. And we need to stand firm for all that we believe in"

    Join the good doctor on Saturday (tomorrow!) on-line at 17:00 BST (I've converted the timezone for you, no extra charge - but follow the link and register now or you won't get the joining link)

    Readers unfamiliar with our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series may like to view some of 

  • The Fight Against Climate Change Moves Up a Notch


    Safety Warning: Please don your tin-foil hat to protect your sanity before reading on.

    In order to protect the world from "Global Warming" (that according to the "overwhelming consensus of climate scientists" is certainly caused by us releasing CO2 into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels), it turns out that spraying chemtrails into the atmosphere is being done in order to reduce global warming by blocking the sunlight...

    And what the heck has Bill Gates got to do with any of this anyway? Perhaps he's working on a new quaxxine to protect against the cold once we can't see the sun anymore and we are not allowed to burn anything that creates CO2?

    (20 minutes)



  • Dial M for Midazolam


    Whilst reminding ourselves of the trials of lockdowns, behind the scenes some believe that worse horrors were being perpetrated.

    "At 6pm on February 25th, the UK Column livestreamed an eye-opening and thought-provoking symposium on the systematic use of Midazolam and morphine to end the lives of patients"

    It's your viewpoint that counts.

    (2 hrs 39 mins)



  • Capitalism of the Future?


    Before plunging into this one we need to understand a few definitions.

    "Capitalism" can have more than one meaning depending upon context.

    Let's start with the traditional meaning, which roughly speaking equates to free trade within a marketplace.

    Free trade is dependent on the concept of "property", something which is "owned". I can't trade something unless I own it. I can only own it if I made it, or if I bought it, or if I was given it as a gift, or if I inherited it. (Some societies might include finding it abandoned, but subject to conditions, which is essentially a minor peripheral argument)

    In England we have the ancient and honourable tradition of Market Towns, which were permitted to hold regular markets where people from the neighbourhood could come to buy and sell, or simply barter their wares. Everyone knew the routine that in that place on that day they could all come and get what they needed in

  • Tavistock


    An ancient stannary town in Devon, home of the cream tea...  or something else?

    Mark Devlin spills the beans...   but beware, the rabbit hole runs very deep indeed.


    (82 minutes)


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  • The Day of the Eclipse - Fulford Report - 8 April 2024


    There must be not a few subscribers wishing that this eclipse took place yesterday and we might know a bit more of the aftermath for this report!

    "There can be no doubt this eclipse is not an ordinary event. It passes over seven towns called Nineveh, a Babylonian city mentioned in the bible as the center of sin and depravity. It also passes through seven towns called Salem, known in the bible as the dwelling place of god"

    Only in America!

    There is still a lot going on, and "it ain't over until the fat lady sings"!

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  • Canadian Citizens' "Covid" Enquiry Final Report


    We have all been following the UK Covid Enquiry under Baroness Hallett to some extent, to determine how well or otherwise she will dig down to the matters that concern the population.

    The good Baroness has a long and distinguished history of being appointed to chairing enquiries into matters of national significance.

    Today we have news of a contrasting type of investigation that was conducted in Canada by what one assumes to be a self-organising collective of people throughout Canada, who set up a National Citizens Inquiry to look into the handling of the Covid event in that country. 

    It will be fascinating to compare the output (when the UK enquiry finally completes... ) of these two approaches.

  • The Lawfare vs The Trump


    I don't normally post stuff from the USA that isn't both firm news (as against speculation, however well-founded) and likely important to the UK. OK, that's a very fuzzy line and I'm sure I don't alwaysget it right, but it helps keep this site focused on news rather than speculation. 

    (Yes, we do speculation too, when it might be something important that we don't normally consider!)

    This is such a good and brief account of the Donald's New York prosecution that I waive my usual reticence. 


  • Chris Hedges Reports on the News


    "I remember 25, 30 years ago we used to point to the BBC as the counterpoint to the biased and propagandistic US media, I would say now the BBC is as bad as any... "

    "... that means that these propaganda narratives may be more pervasive than ever, but I think they are more mistrusted and disdained than ever as well... "

    Chris Hedges interviews Ali Abuminah, "a Palestinian-American journalist and the co-founder of The Electronic Intifada".

    This initially impresses as being as dry as dust, but actually it's a pretty clear exposition of how propaganda has progressively swamped actual news journalism over recent times, to the point now where independent journalism has been comprehensively banished from mainstream media outlets. Stick with it, and hear the ways in which media manipulation is used to frame public opinion being coolly and meticulously dissected.

    "The media has become a far

  • Our World, and How to Leave It


    Our world has seemed to be run by those who manipulate the money supply in order to impoverish the poor and enrich the rich. The scam is run on long timescales, typically longer than the average lifetime, possibly longer than many lifetimes...  thus providing a degree of protection from the intelligent human who never experiences the full progression until his old age, at which point he/she is typically retired and feeling too old to do anything about it.

    In this interview, Michael O'Bernicia tells the story of how he came to not only discover and analyse the age-old scam, but also to devise and implement the antidote that he suggests will put an end to it.

    In some ways the Universal Community Trust has similarities to Michael Tellinger's One Small Town initiative, being global in focus

  • A Spanner in the Greenworks?


    More from Net Zero Watch - or, to dig a little deeper, from the Royal Society, no less.

    They have uncovered a problem with the modelling of methods to deal with the intermittency of "renewables". Yes, it's odd that isn't it? But it's becoming almost routine rather than unprecedented to find problems with "the modelling" these days.

    I suspect that because modelling is (or can be) rather complex, the public has a tendency to consider it something that scientists do and it must therefore be "scientific" - but that is an error. It might reflect science if done well, or it might just reflect the prejudice and/or error of the modeller. And if the modeller is modelling something that isn't fully understood in the first place, well...  the result isn'tlikely to be very close to useful.

    In this case, they

  • Is There Light at the End of the Regulatory Tunnel Vision?


    Our MPs are famously inept, prone to being fillibustered by arcane rules and conventions, and strangely (unkind souls might think determinedly) blind to inconvenient truths, but surprisingly it does seem that at least some of them have cottoned on to the notion that a similar affliction has been endemic at the MHRA for some years now, as has been consistently highlighted by many  commentators on independent media, and notably by UK Column.

    If our MPs were not alerted by 77 Brigade / MI5 / Ofcom etc, then perhaps these too were asleep on the job?

    The all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on Pandemic Response and Recovery (yes, apparently there is such a group) has now, it would appear, indeed noticed. Up to a point.

    " 'far from protecting patients' the regulator operates in a way that 'puts them at serious risk' "

    Do I detect the sounds of stable doors being prepared for slamming shut well after the

  • Good News for All - Especially Farmers?


    Peace by International Treaty...

    Michael O'Bernicia explains his new legal jurisdiction to Richard Vobes.

    Prepare to be amazed - is Universal Community Trustthe answer for life, the universe, and the end for fraudulent government?

    Don't fight it, obsolete it!

    (57 minutes)


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    Also see the Great British Mortgage Swindle


  • Who Is "TV Licensing"? - Martin Strikes Back


    One needs to be very self-confident to represent oneself in Court, and navigate through the (usually unstated) legal presumptions and unfamiliar legal language that some might think masquerades as the King's English.

    One needs to be supremely self-confident to demand that the judge presiding your case recuse himself on the grounds of allegedly not applying the law with proper integrity.

    These matters are of vital interest to all of us - if the justice system is subverted, then we are all liable to be its victims at some point or other.

    Thus we note Martin's latest report on his ongoing brush with "TV Licensing" with interest.


  • Whither England?


    Encyclopedia Britannica does a fair job (in my humble opinion) of reviewing this sceptred isle - our ancient land of myths and legends too many to review here.

    We who still dwell here, some aghast at the changes being foisted upon us by an establishment apparently driven berserk by who knows what devilish intent, others keen to embrace the white-hot up-ending of previously established societal norms and balances, all now are confused about whither we are headed.

    Will we be scorched by climate change, devastated by nuclear war, driven insane by unending conventional war that will bleed us dry of children wealth

  • Food for Thought


    This article by Dr James Alexander for the Daily Sceptic seems guaranteed to offend almost everybody, so congratulations to the author on stirring the pot of the nation's preconceptions so thoroughly.

    He does among much else (correctly in my view) have something to say about the "Freemasons", who in their current forms may be regarded as roughly contemporaneous with the Zionist cause, although some say that they have historical roots going back much further, to the ancient world, maybe even beyond. 

    There are however some important others that somehow escaped his attention, so allow me to remedy that situation before we go further.

    He has for reasons unaccountable left the Zionists out of it, which may be regarded as a major omission since whether you support Zionism or not, its influence over more than a century (presently culminating in another highly divisive conflict in the