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The world is in upheaval.

Governments are being seen to turn against their people, who are responding accordingly. Worldwide.

The imprecise talk of the New World Order that has been simmering for years (along with the "war on terror") has reached a new height since the formal partnership between the WEF and the UN. The seemingly unlikely talk at Davos that had previously been ignored as absurd has been brought to the fore.

Those not familiar with the above should probably watch the second video below before taking on the first, so if you are unaware of the implementation of the Great (unwanted) Reset by the Davos elite, then watch the second video first.

This first video summarises how it is being countered. (Allegedly). 

"We are going to get every last one of them and ensure that nothing like this can ever occur again"

(14 minutes)


 This second video is billed as "The most up-to-date info on the current take-over of America, and the Resistance to it" 

It should have been billed as "The most up-to-date info on the current take-over of the World, and the Resistance to it" - but it is presented from the American viewpoint.

It was released in October, so is now a little outdated ...

(9 minutes)