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The legal system is run by those who would control us.

Martin Geddes believes that there are always ways around the legal minefield for those in the know.

Is he right?

I don't know, but nothing would surprise me any more.

So in this article I will document his journey of discovery, as he releases new videos, latest first - so new readers should start at the end and work backwards. This way, once you have taken in the earlier pieces, you won't have to keep scrolling down to the end to find the latest cool.

This article on my site is most readily accessed under the Latest - Rolling submenu.

Martin gives us the best of both worlds - each link leads to a video plus a written commentary.

So, on with the show!

2022-12-01    Accountability revolution: church, children, and charity

2022-11-27    Vibe high for success on social media

2022-11-25    The fight for narrative supremacy is on Twitter

2022-11-24    What happens when Globalism reverses?

2022-11-21    Pensions and mortgages act as social control

2022-11-17    The vulnerability of video

2022-11-15    The sacred nature of children (and parenting)

2022-11-14    When the "enemy inside" is inside one's inside

2022-11-13    Open your heart and spirit to change (too)

2022-11-11    The anons will become warrior philanthropists

2022-11-10    When in a war it helps if you fight   (How to end institutionalised crime?)

2022-11-09    Solving rigged elections via paradoxical methods

2022-11-08    The turning tide of history on the blood moon

2022-11-06    On "holding the line" — right to the finish

2022-11-03    So what is this 'spiritual' thing, anyway?

2022-10-31    How to relate to those who are now transhuman?

2022-10-30    Do you want status success or sacred success?

2022-10-30    Physical and psychological limits of a digital war

2022-10-28    The feeling of righteousness (can be wicked)

2022-10-23    Feeling a bit Dunstable? Darlington is coming!

2022-10-22    A slow recovery from spiritual abuse

2022-10-21    Slavery isn't what you think it is

2022-10-18    The spirit of life always wins in the end

2022-10-14    Not starving, only fasting

2022-10-12    Malicious communications of the state

2022-10-10    Transparency disarms the enemy

2022-10-10    In pursuit of the ideal or ideology?

2022-10-09    How I learned to love the losses

2022-10-08    Spiritual lessons from telecoms networks

2022-10-05    Spiritual Situational Awareness Matrix

2022-10-03    In pursuit of the ideal or ideology?

2022-10-02    The Devil Has High Maintenance Fees

2022-09-25    Reject the Cult of Official Authority

2022-09-24    The paradox of change is upon us

2022-09-11    Which COG will win?

2022-09-07    Yes, There is a "back door" to freedom

2022-09-05    The end of my "legal childhood"