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With events moving fast and apparently loose, the conspiracy universe is no doubt exploding.

Trump has been in abeyance since Nov 2020, Putin is flexing his forces in Ukraine, Brandon Biden is nearing his dispose-by date and HM the Queen (as we might expect at her age) is probably close to death, maybe even Prince Charles too according to some theories.

Merkel has gone, Macron isn't making much progress at "leading Europe", all major western nations (including the UK) are apparently led by vastly unpopular WEF protegés, all driving their energy policies into the ground in the name of global warming - to the considerable detriment of their populations.

In such circumstances it is inevitable that conspiracy theories abound.

"oil is a creator of wealth"

"gold is a store of wealth"

"who gets to serve Europe as the supplier of energy and gets the wealth that comes from supplying that energy to Europe long-term?"

"the banks in the City of London want to control that monetisation process, [ to control ] which players get to monetise that energy wealth"

"what banks entities and businesses get to share in that?"

"to protect their wealth and wealth creation for the next five or ten generations, and they don't want Russia in that game"

As conspiracy theories go, this is about as good as it gets - pay attention!

" ... it's going to be like the Cuban missile crisis ... all over again"


This is an in-depth three-parter, so put the kettle on ... for the ride of your life:


Part One:

(32 minutes)



Part Two:

(36 minutes)



Part Three:

(22 minutes)