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As everybody knows there is a public narrative, and there is a unspoken agenda, effectively cloaked by the public narrative (or so say all of us conspiracy theorists!).

This is the financial war between the "insiders" and us the "outsiders".

And who better to spell it out for us than Catherine Austin Fitts, who has been trying to wake us all up for some time.

"If you look at what these guys are up to, death is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Do not fear death. Fear slavery in a transhuman society"

"They knew. They knew a week ahead of time"

"There was only one choice, and that was to lower life expectancy"

"When you get your pension, will it buy you a carton of milk?"

" ... they're planning on using the technology not just for Covid-19 injections but for a whole series of injections being designed as 'solutions' for the symptoms of immuno-suppression caused by the Covid-19 injections"

"Do you come here to live, or do you come here to be afraid?"

She's talking about the USA, but is the UK really any different?

(65 minutes)