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They don't do things by halves.

Here we have seven hours of material, which I'm guessing the average person doesn't necessarily have spare at the end of the week!

Happily someone has split the proceedings into three, which at least makes it seem more manageable, and means that skipping through to where you left off last time will be a bit easier.

You can download the participants and schedule here.

Part 1 (2 hrs 45)

11 mins      Introduction

14 mins     Dr Bhakdi  -  the Fundamental Mechanism of Damage

24 mins     Michael Palmer  -  Irrefutable Proof of Causality

40 mins     Alexandra Latypova  -  evidence of scientific and regulatory fraud

55 mins     Thomas Binder  -  clinical perspective and synopsis

1 hr 10      Renate Holzeisen et al  -  legal actions against vaccine approval

1 hr 25      Mary Holland et al  -  effects on fertility and sterility

1 hr 50      Dr Mike Yeadon - Crime is not health

2 hrs 10    Peter Breggin  -  the global predator profile

2 hrs 31    Dave Rasnick & Michael Palmer  -  HIV and AIDS



Part 2 (2 hrs 12)

 start           Dave Rasnick & Michael Palmer  (continued)

12 mins      Meryl Nass  -  anthrax bioterrorism

38 mins      Whitney Webb  -  biosecurity bailouts with Michael Palmer

59 mins      Panel  -  long history of crime and abuse in medicine

1 hr 26       Dr Silvia Behrendt  -  the WHO pandemic creation cycle

1 hr 51       John Titus  -  Two weeks to flatten your country



Part 3 (2 hrs 9)

start            John Titus  (continued)

4 mins        Prof Christian Perronne  -  monkey business in monkey pox

25 mins      Dr Richard Werner  -  many excuses for central control

48 mins      Dr Meryl Nass  -  solutions

1 hr 6         Panel  -  faith in the failure of totalitarianism

1 hr 33       Catherine Austin Fitts  -  the story of Gideon

1 hr 40       Film  -  Infertility - a Diabolical Agenda



The Whole Event in one sitting (7 hrs 4)