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That's quite a claim.

Dr Keith Scott-Mumby (Mancunian, so "one of ours" even if now resident in the US of A) is no ordinary doctor.

In this age when we are subject to all sorts of conflicting messages (vaccines good, vaccines very bad, antibiotics wonderful, antibiotics failing through over-use, fluoride good, fluoride bad etc) Dr Keith has maintained a firm grounding in real medical science rather than the reflexive "your (pharma-trained) doctor is the all knowing expert - so do as he says".

As a man with a foot in multiple camps (OK, that should probably be "a finger in multiple pies" since he isn't centipedal) he is not afraid to look within any discipline to find what works and what doesn't.

Oh, and he is also author of a number of fascinating books . . .

His top ten medicines?

Read all about it.

Then Visit his web-site.