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I reported this lecture by Dr Happer back in March, in the form of a transcript.

I am happy to present this very accessible and informative presentation as a video, which perhaps removes some of the dryness of reading a transcript:


 Why not watch your cake and read it?

Read the original transcript (with accompanying illustrations) here.


Why the "Crimes against Humanity" heading? This video has been mirrored by Robert David Steele as part of his campaign to alert the USA and the world to the alleged attempt by the "global elites" to transfer such money power and wealth as remains to the 99% of the population to the 1% who already own most of the world's wealth.

A key part of this plan is said to be the climate change scam to convince everybody that the world is in imminent danger from rising levels of CO2 and that we must all pay ever higher subsidies taxes and other charges and submit ourselves to ever more population controls in order to conserve energy and save the planet.

Such a scam would clearly be a crime against humanity.