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This site has never made a secret of our distrust of the Green narratives. None of the apocalyptic predictions of rising sea levels, overheating climate, polar bear extinctions etc have come about, and the "great and the good" still buy waterfront mansions with complete insouciance - don't they know that rising sea levels will wash them away?!

Now the self-inflicted energy crisis is concentrating the minds of industrialists, if not yet (or ever) of politicians, and it is dawning on them that the proposed switch to EVs is unsustainable without the gas to power them (and of course there is the comparatively minor matter of getting enough lithium ... ).

Sensibly China India et al are not at all inconvenienced as they (rightly) have no qualms about building coal-fired power stations to meet their needs as far ahead as they want, stations that will swiftly overwhelm any inconsequential contribution that the UK may make to the unsustainable Great Global Net Zero Genocide Mission.

So what is a European car-maker to do? Should they build EVs to satisfy the politicians, and go broke, or should they continue to develop and build more efficient fossil fuel cars, and perchance scrape by?

The facts have a nasty habit of catching up with us sooner or later - let us all pray for sooner, and maybe meanwhile invest in bicycle factories ...

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