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The "Green" movement may need to be renamed - maybe the "Browns" or perhaps the "Yellows".

As everybody used to know before the days of global amnesia, carbon dioxide is the very fuel that enables plants to survive and indeed to thrive. If atmospheric CO2 were to halve from current levels we would be perilously close to plant die-off and staring at global starvation.

Since it appears that many of us need reminding of this basic truth, the Daily Sceptic reviews some of the latest scientific studies (where would we be without them?) which purport to show that the world is becoming greener than ever despite CO2 levels that still remain stubbornly close to their all-time (geologically speaking) low. It seems we might comfortably withstand an atmospheric CO2 level an order of magnitude higher than the present, although we might need to take a machete to the jungle growth in order to get to work.

But wouldn't we all have fried before such levels could be reached?