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  • Democracy


    From the Greek: Demos(the people) and Kratos (rule, power).

    From the ancient Athenians down to the present day, this idea of democracy has been kept alive down the ages despite the autocratic (autos: self) rule of emperors kings and tyrants.

    As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one, but how about 60 million heads? How does that work? In ancient Athens they had but one city to worry about (and only the free-born men-folk at that), so to take a vote it sufficed to give each man the right to place a white or a black pebble into the bucket on the way out of the agora(field) after considering the preceding oratory. Clearly something more sophisticated is required in the modern nation.

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  • Who We Are


    The USA didn't gain it's independence and become the premier world power by nicely doing as they were told by the Crown.

    Freedom and independence must be asserted - our objective is to encourage all free citizens of the United Kingdom (and of the world!) to institute a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people".

    This site is set up, funded, and managed by Jim Makin of Petersfield, Hampshire, United Kingdom, in furtherance of this objective.

    Jim studied at Brighton Polytechnic (simultaneously serving two years in the TA), graduated in 1972 with BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Data Processing, and spent his working life designing installing and servicing information systems for manufacturing

  • Power to the People!

    This site has three primary purposes: 
    • To encourage every one of us to think for ourselves.

      If we have formed no convictions of our own, then we are open to manipulation (maybe worse) by others who would prefer us to support their agendas (if only by default).

      This is the first prerequisite for personal freedom!

    • To encourage every one of us to act in