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Lucky Dip

  • The DVLA "Name Fraud"


    This alleged "name fraud" probably isn't limited in scope to the DVLA, it may be endemic to legal systems of the Crown in general, but we are discussing matters motoring here, so I'm not going to quibble.

    Who am I? Who are you?

    These are pretty basic questions in normal life, but rather more complex in legal definition. Indeed, some suggest that this question lies at the heart of much legal chicanery, as the man-on-the-Clapham-omnibus understandably fails to note the subtle legal distinctions at play in his legal identity.

    It's time to learn them - you may not legally be who you think you are!


  • The Case for Dyson Farming


    Sir James is not known as a conformist, so it's no surprise that his farming venture is unconventional with a technological bent.

    If you ever wondered from whence your midwinter strawberries were sourced, this may be your answer.

    I get the distinct feeling that his approach to farming may not be wholly welcomed either by traditionalists or by technophobes, but NWO farming it probably isn't, since he still raises cattle and sheep, provides habitat for insects, and does seem to want to avoid the use of chemicals.

    An interesting approach that needs to be carefully assessed.

    Would we prefer our farms owned by Monsanto?

    Can he do for farming what his household cleaners did for domestic cleanliness? I suspect that a farming world in turmoil should ultimately benefit from an influx of new ideas, whether or not his present vision finds ultimate

  • Tartary the Mysterious


    One of the enduring mysteries of our time is the mystery of Tartaria.

    We know that it existed, and appeared on many old maps.

    We know that is was huge (at least in geographical area).

    And not much else...

    And yet, much remains around the world that might (or might not) be associated with it. Now I'm neither historian nor geographer, but I do find it quite extraordinary how little we seem to know about Tartaria - we know far more about the ancient cultures around the Mediterranean, supposedly two thousand years ago, than about the largest country (possibly excepting China) that existed up to only 200 years ago.

    So has something been hidden from us? Is history as we know it bunk? Or what?

    In the absence of real information, conspiracy theories will flourish simply because man is an inquisitive being, and will try to

  • Psychological Astrology - The Answer, or Another Psy-Op?


    Many may doubt any linkage between the science of psychology and the mysteries of astrology, although it's also fair to say that some have unkind views about both disciplines.

    Richard Vobes plunges heedless into the quagmire, interviewing a psychological astrologist who makes a surprisingly perceptive case for the relevance of her discipline to current times.

    This is well outside my own life experience, but certainly qualifies as something that makes you go "Hmmmm".

    So if you are feeling open-minded (and I can think of worse ways to spend my time!)... plunge in.

    (62 minutes)


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  • Reflections on a Grand Day Out


    This piece really doesn't need any embellishment from me - it stands complete on its own ground.



  • Richard Vobes Nails the World's Postmaster General


    No, don't worry, nothing to do with the Fujitsu system and the Royal Mail's conflict with their local postmasters, this is your introduction to the now-space.

    So listen up as the Richard:Vobes interviews Russell-Jay:Gould, proponent of the quantum-grammar.

    "... the Post Offices of the world control the country's military... "

    "... the United Nations is a fraudulent organisation that has zero authority to do anything - because they can't read and write... "

    "... you're using a lot of terms that are completely new to me... "  (and so say all of us!)

    (57 minutes)

    Good Luck!


    The End of Climate Change, or the End of the World - or All Three?


    So the Trial has ended in Washington DC, and justice has been served... or rather, Mark Steyn has been served with hefty punitive damages for daring to point up the unlikely "science" behind the by now age-old hockey-stick graph. 

    The Daily Sceptic has a useful report, noting the disparity between the $1 million punitive damages awarded and the actual damages award (think of the same amount but minus the "million" qualification). We may all come to our own viewpoint on whether or not this represents actual justice as we would recognise it.

    Mark Steyn's own website makes some excellent points, including that he (like Julian Assange?) might as a journalist have been thought to be protected by the First Amendment.


  • Once WW3 is Over


    Once WW3 is Declared Over...  what then?

    I don't know, but if we really have no "authorities" to turn to... then it really will be government of the people by the people and for the people, because there won't be anybody else!

    Are we the people prepared?

    Richard Vobes begins to put us into the frame of mind.

    (10 minutes)


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  • Traffic Penalty Tribunal Lacks Due Process?


    Further to Martin's project to expose the lack of legitimacy of the Traffic Penalty Tribunals, he has summarised the state of play as he sees it in a handy reference document.

    "The hearing was unfair as it demonstrated the TPT does not have a duty to uphold the law, or act as a court of law, but instead to bows to the opinion of the DVLA"

    "The omission of this crucial information constitutes a form of fraud, leading to entrapment"

    "The hearing was unfair as the TPT knowingly acted to aid NCC in committing a conversion tort against MG"

    The conclusion that I draw is that these tribunals have neither lawful nor legal standing and are simply...

  • Is Putin a Conspiracy Theory?


    Tucker Carlson is perhaps the biggest name in town right now. Over the years he has made himself a household name simply by being authentic, staying true to his good sense, and "telling it like it is".

    So Fox fired him.

    Now he has dared to travel across the world into the lion's den itself to interview possibly the most important man on Earth right now - in the teeth of official opprobrium from all the vested interests of the West (especially those with Zionist connections - or am I just paranoid?).

    I don't expect this interview to be revealing any great new unsuspected truth (of course I could be wrong) but it would be the first by a prominent (and importantly: trusted) western journalist who has enough reach to sway western public opinion.

    And there have been enough snippets somehow leaked in advance to whet our appetite and big up our interest 😎. Yes, this is going to be important, and it has seemingly been

  • Is the Age of Aquarius finally Dawning?


    ... or is this merely another absurd conspiracy theory from Ridiculous Richard with no basis whatsoever in fact?

    (7 minutes)


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  • Farming in Dystopia, with Natalie and Ivor


    Yes, today our cup runneth over, with Natalie from Redacted interviewing the ever-reliable Ivor Cummins about the state of farming in the Irish Republic, as well as in the UK. What a pleasure to hear two sane and competent people speaking of the unspeakable in a sane and competent, even rather light-hearted, manner.

    Of course, the farmers of the EU also get a mention... as do all the usual suspects...

    "... The only thing that can push back against that now is ... "

    (18 minutes)


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  • "War Is the Goal"


    Neil Oliver:

    "War is the goal of the governments of the west"

    (11 minutes)


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  • Down the Rabbit Hole to ... Tartary!


    Readers unfamiliar with our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series may like to view some of the earlier articles here, starting with nbr 1. Many may consider these propositions extreme, but the question is, can they be disproved? Could they be possible, and if so, what would be the implications? 

    If the implications would be trivial, then who cares? But if they would be earth-shaking, perhaps we should take note.

    That said, today we take the plunge into an area that we have probably all heard about, but never seriously considered. Yet if we have heard about it already, from whence did that notion arise? And why are we so unclear about the substantive details?

    And could this topic just maybe have relevance to our current situation vis à

  • Move Over Theatreland - We Get Our Entertainment Green Now


    As the label on Waitrose-reduced items says, this is "too good to waste".

    A veritable compendium of modern madness gets the Nick Hubble treatment today.

    "The whole net zero pitch is looking so implausible that I increasingly expect it to simply fade away altogether"

    and to be honest, I am with him. "Transition" will simply transition imperceptibly into a new meaning - we will be for ever transitioning, burning fossil fuels in the interminable and ultimately hopeless quest for "green", simply because the green mirage will, like all mirages, simply fade further away before ultimately disappearing before we get there

    Another Dissenting Viewpoint


    There are so many issues to dissent about these days that it's ridiculous to expect that every dissenting voice is going to agree on all of them.

    So to those conspiracy theorists out there who call out other dissenters because they disagree on a specific issue (however important that issue), I suggest that we all bring a level of truth (and awakening) to the specific audience that is most attuned to our own viewpoints, and the audience which is not prepared to listen to our dissent to their particular belief will be catered for by others.

    The enemy of progress is indeed the quest for perfection (especially our own idea of perfection!).

    So I'm happy to tip the nod to Lawrence Fox for this video, even if we may not agree on all the issues that face us. We do agree on probably the majority, and the rest will come in God's good time as everybody

  • The State of European Railways


    For the avoidance for confusion, not "state" as in nation, but "state" as in condition.

    For those of us who prefer to travel by rail rather than to fly, rail offers an intriguing vista of unfamiliar scenery flashing by our window seat to keep us entertained, not to mention stops at unfamiliar places, and relaxed conversations with unfamiliar people, possibly over unfamiliar food.

    Sadly it also offers the familiar problems: delays cancellations strikes and missed connections... 

    So if you're planning your continental rail holiday for 2024, this report may well be for you.

    (3 minutes trailer)


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