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  • Farage Lays Out His Stall in Parliament


    Nigel makes his maiden speech in Parliament.

    This site doesn't do party politics, but Nigel is that rare breed of politician that actually sets out to change the political landscape, and indeed could be said to be personally more influential than any political party. Whatever you think of him, he has earned the right to be heard.

    But can he reprise his barnstorming perorations of EU Parliament infamy?

    I'll wait...

    (10 minutes)


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  • Spiritual War Out in the Open


    As the covert battle for world domination seems to be approaching some sort of climax, it's  nevertheless hard to see how it will end in any kind of tidy fashion. From the assassination attempt on Donald Trump, to the implosion of the Biden Pretendency, through the obscure state of the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, the ever less convincing and unelected government of the EU Commission, and the continuing evolution of eastern nations into the formidable union of the BRICS, the signs of change are unmistakable and everywhere.

    Beneath these affairs of state, the state of affairs for the ordinary citizen does not progress well either, but is in various stages of latent and in some cases overt turmoil as citizenry of all stripes come to terms with the notion that governmental agencies of all kinds are not after all there for our benefit, or if they are, then they are failing in their most basic functions.

    Our politicians are controlled by others, our legal system is incomprehensibly byzantine, 

  • The Existential Threat to America


    Quite a long video from Scott Ritter, speaking about the attempted assassination of Donald Trump.

    We have become blasé about some of the extreme statements that have been made by self-styled leaders politicians and others concerning how their opponents might be dealt with, but Scott is having none of it.

    As he rightly says, this is (in this case) an American problem for Americans to resolve, but if anybody thinks that other countries don't have a similar problem, then maybe they are not paying attention.

    (27 minutes)


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  • Fulford Report - Monday 22 July 2024


    As may be expected, Ben's report this week majors on the fall-out from the Trump non-assassination last week.

    Whilst things are clearly careening along a new and unexpected trajectory, it's not over until it's over.

    Modest subscription required.

    More than ever, discerning the truth from the reportage is an endeavour undertaken more in hope and faith than in confidence these days.


  • Not a Health Service


    "Our" NHS has become such a byword for IPE (inefficiency, perversity, and evil) that I hesitate to publish anything any more about this great national organ of waste and dashed hopes, but it does seem necessary to remind people occasionally that any trust beyond the fixing of minor emergencies may be misplaced, and even most minor emergencies may be better fixed at home with a little forethought.

    That's not to say that there are no good people left in the service, but like all bureaucracies it is run by rules regulations and protocols dictated by "managers" who have no clinical expertise, or by remote expert groups who may display affinities for funding from pharmaceutical producers that may not be aligned with clinical best outcomes.

    It has now become so big, so removed from the patient, and so devoted to inappropriate funding that the advent of a new government

  • New Climate Peril - World's Deserts may be Shrinking!


    The Daily Sceptic reports that due to an excess of CO2, previously arid areas of the planet may be lost to vegetation.

    So in addition to all the other perils of CO2, we must now consider the shrinkage of arid areas of our landscape due to the unwanted encroachment of green vegetation.

    Clearly there is no time to be lost - these deserts must be covered in solar farms immediately in order to prevent further loss of habitat for desert-dwelling fauna and stop further combustion of carbon-based fuels.

    Read about the new Global Greening Peril.


  • Where Are the Great Men of Yesteryear When We Need Them?


    Sometimes it takes a man of long standing to review current events of moment, and undoubtedly the "shooting of Donald Trump" is one such event, an event that seems to have sealed the fate of the Democratic party prior to the November election 2024.

    So, a very significant event indeed.

    Perhaps the Grand Old Republican Party is now set fair to sweep the board?

    And yet, "the Donald" is said to be a man of his word - and the GOP was just as much a participating member of the Washington DC "swamp" as the Democratic Party, so perhaps there is still more water to flow under the bridge between now and November if DJT is to pull off his 2016 inaugural promise: to remove power away from Washington DC and return it to the people.

    Would merely re-electing the GOP into power come anywhere close to fulfilling that promise?

    Meanwhile, Bill Bonner reviews the historical context

  • Is Power being Returned to the People?


    The reported attempt to assassinate President Trump seems somehow to mark a watershed moment in the evolution of our world.

    Where America goes, the western world follows.

    So far it's been all downhill, but is the momentum somehow now reversing?

    (26 minutes)



  • The Bridgen Verdict on Parliament


    Andrew Bridgen's speech from 28th June.

    "... within 6 weeks of polling day... "

    "... the Party system is completely corrupted... "

    "... there's going to be a reckoning for this... "

    You heard it from Andrew first.

    (6 minutes)



  • The Shot Heard Around the World - and the Aftermath Incoming


    A very American presentation by military veterans and patriots, two hours of analysis of events and informed speculation on the future.

    Not to mention a hefty dollop of spiritual awakening for those still labouring under the delusion that our governments work for us...

    "... there's some things I can tell you, and there's some things that you have to experience for yourself... "

    Maybe, just maybe... did Trump get his retribution in first?

    (2 hours)



  • The Future According to Larry Fink?


    Whitney Webb runs through the Davos plan for their take-over of the world - including us.

    Everything and everyone will be tokenised, traded, and finally r*ped and pillaged,  including mother earth herself, for the benefit of the global elite for whom these systems are set up. Universal ids, CBDCs, and ESG monitoring systems will run the world by  permitting or denying purchases at point of sale.

    All will be tracked, monitored, and controlled through AI algorithms that will be "all-knowing and infallible" (even, and especially, when they are not - for how could a remote AI somewhere in the bowels of the web be challenged? Such systems don't have to work as advertised - they just have to be in control!).

    (15 minutes)



  • The Cass Review Reviewed


    The Free Speech Union discusses the free speech aspects of the Cass Review:

    "The Independent Review of Gender Identity Services for Children and Young People (The Cass Review) was commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement in Autumn 2020 to make recommendations about the services provided by the NHS to children and young people who are questioning their gender identity or experiencing gender incongruence."

    "The Gender Identity Development Service for children and adolescents is currently managed by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust"

    (1hr 44)

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  • The War on Dutch Farming


    The war on farming takes many forms - in the UK it is a low-key war conducted mostly under the radar of publicity - in the interests of "saving the planet" of course - who could possibly object to that? Still, all the measures being implemented ("rewilding", buying out the land of farmers who want to retire, with tax-payers' money of course) seem to work in one direction only - to reduce the amount of farm produce being grown.

    In the USA one Bill Gates has been buying up farmland like there is no tomorrow - does he know something that we don't?

    In Holland they do things more brazenly, by outright compulsory purchase of farmland, because it produces too much nitrogen (nitrogen?! Me neither). Dutch farmers are not amused.

    Behind it all of course stand Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum of global plutocrats, aided and abetted by their erstwhile "Young global leaders", now safely embedded in governments throughout the world.


  • Beneficial Ownership - Beneficial to Whom?


    Dr Mike Yeadon is a thorn in the side of the perpetrators of the "pandemic".

    He is (in my estimation) an honest man thrust into the limelight because he could not with integrity stay silent.

    There are many like him, sung and unsung.

    Here Mike takes on new ground. There's only so much one can say about the quaxxines after all, and there are other scams afoot... such as the global scam to "legally" take all our savings in whatever form they may be - bank balances, stocks and shares, retirement plans, ISAs, ETFs... the list is long.

    But the common thread in all of these savings schemes is the idea of "beneficial ownership" - the idea that some institution actually takes care of these investments and holds them on our behalf.

    It's very convenient, very effective, and so far has worked pretty well, so

  • Scott Ritter on NATO's 75th Summit + the Middle East Conflict


    Russia is winning the war in Ukraine. What will NATO's response be?

    Scott Ritter reviews the state of play...

    "... we haven't spent the money necessary to build the systems that can overcome Russian jamming... "

    "... the British are the funniest ones of all - they talk big - My God, Keir Starmer's out there thumping his chest like he's Superman... everything about them is a joke... there's not a single military in NATO today that can go to the Ukraine and survive more than a couple of weeks - not even the United States ... "

    "We are getting to the point right now if the United States deploys those systems in 2026 where the Russians, if they lower the threshold of nuclear war, may pre-emptively strike with a nuclear weapon"

    The section on Israel-Gaza begins at 1hr 26.


  • The Neil and Ivor Show


    Neil Oliver and Ivor Cummins - what could be better?

    (59 minutes)


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  • Bonner on Borrowing


    An interesting review of current and past world events from Fortune and Freedom, as Bill Bonner discusses historical and current affairs with John Butler.

    Two knowledgeable old-timers who have seen most of it before. 

    "... this is the biggest problem ever to face the country and there's virtually no mention... "

    (NB: this is not financial advice)

    (22 minutes)

    A History of Conspiracy