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  • Net Zero In Sight at Last?


    Can it be true?

    Will the target be met?

    Well, yes and no.

    Yes it is true, but only if we are looking for net zero effect upon the climate.

    "Three top atmospheric scientists" agree... 

    Whoa! This could quickly degenerate into another pointless circular disagreement, so... is "the science" decided by the votes of the number of scientists that agree vs the number who disagree? No it isn't, "the science" can be invalidated by a single scientist that can demonstrate that the theory in question is false, assuming if necessary that his finding can be independently verified.

    And it's that assumption that in the case of "climate change" is simply unobtainable due to the fact that climate science may be impacted by factors as yet unidentified and so unknown. Being possibly the most complex topic known to man, and

  • Fiscal Creep? It's a Drag


    Can we count the ways in which our governments pick our pockets? 

    Nick Hubble wonders if we can recognise the half of it.

    In an election year, you would think that this might be a hot topic... but I haven't noticed it discussed much, if at all.

    Yet monetary policy as shaped by the Bank of England plus the Treasury and the Chancellor of the Exchequer is the inevitable underlying cause - the same underlying cause that has been underlying since time immemorial.

    You'd think it would be a hot topic by now, but somehow not. Perhaps it's too well camouflaged, or perhaps being taxed makes us feel somehow virtuous?!

    Maybe we should ask our parliamentary candidates...


  • The Devil's Workshop?


    An American viewpoint to be sure, but...

    "If you do not see their Evil you are most-likely plugged into their network of deception"

    Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me...

    "Through vast sums of money they have purchased loyalties in the media, education, unions, big business, military, medicine, entertainment... "

    Must be nonsense, who could possibly afford to do that?

    "... the disturbing world of intelligence plots, a Tavistock operation, the world's center for mass brainwashing and social engineering... "

    Well, read, and make up your own mind.


  • Hidden History of the Khazarian Mafia - Parts One & Two


    This is a History of the World as you have never been able to access before... and not for the faint of heart. Relax, it's over - if it wasn't, we wouldn't be watching it now.

    Part One: Who Are You?

    (96 minutes)


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    Part Two: Who Are They?

    (2 hrs 26 mins)


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  • Fulford Report - 17 June 2024


    Ben's report this week is effectively another placeholder, although he does indicate major changes that are occurring behind the scenes.

    Unusually, I didn't have to sign in to get full access... make of that what you will.


  • "I Want Poland to Remain Poland"


    Words of common sense from a Polish patriot.

    "Half a million Ukrainian people... died"

    (25 minutes)


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  • A Rather Boring Analysis of Current Conflict Situation


    Boring maybe, but not inaccurate I feel.

    Presentation is never their strong point, but LaRouchePAC, or Promethean Action as we must now call them, do seem to be in that increasingly rare category: academics who are true to the truth as they understand it.

    This is watchable, if not exactly stirring... but in today's fast-changing times we must take our truth where we can find it.

    (13 minutes)



  • GESARA NESARA Federal Reserve QFS and All That


    I could just as well have entitled this article "Clif High Strikes Again", since I imagine that there are many good souls out there who may take issue with his analysis of the current global monetary situation and how it may be likely to develop.

    The fact is that everybody can be wrong, there have been and still are forces of deceit rampant everywhere, and making a 100% correct assessment of where we are and where we are going with monetary systems is especially treacherous territory.

    Everybody can be wrong, even Clif High!

    My own intuition is that if Clif is wrong, then nobody is right, but I can be wrong too...

    So here for the bending of the mind around intractable uncertainties, Clif High explains his thinking about where the global monetary systems have been, how we came to be where we now are, and what may develop in the proximate future.

  • Covid Revisited


    Former CDC director Robert Redfield seems to be the latest senior figure to break cover and admit that "mistakes were made".

    The spike protein is immunotoxic. You get infected, it’s immunotoxic. But when you give the vaccine, we make the spike protein

    The Daily Sceptic reports.

    Well, up to  point. This story seems to me to be a form of "limited hangout" - admit to small mistakes and divert attention from the big issues.

    Well, if inadvertently destructive vaccines are the small issue, what on earth is the big one?

    The big issue must be big, really big. So lets apply a little elementary logic.

    Nuclear Result in EU Elections Explodes the Myth of Green Infallibility


    "... the real story was the decline of various green parties. The French Greens, for example, were left with their worst result in 30 years. The German Greens were the biggest losers"

    So where does that leave the prospects for energy generation?

    "Nuclear is unavoidable in a world focused on emissions and energy security"

    "There is simply no path to a low carbon economy without a massive nuclear power renaissance"

    "Poland is working on introducing nuclear power. Hungary is singing international deals to expand its nuclear power... Germany risks being encircled by nuclear reactors"

    Quite so, and it gladdens the heart - not so much that nuclear is ascendant, but that the green blob fairytale storybook has been

  • What New Fakery is This?


    No, we can no longer take stuff we find on the internet at face value - but we knew that already, didn't we?

    Is this guy for real?

    Am I for real?

    Is NVidia for real?

    And are their simulation results for real, and... how would we know?

    Does that old maxim "Garbage in, garbage out" still apply? Or is it consigned to the trash-can?

    I wonder who supplies their electric power...

    And yes, it's your view that counts. Welcome to the hot seat!

    (74 minutes)


  • " This is the Most Dangerous Situation SInce the Cuban Missile Crisis"


    Scott Ritter brings us up to date with the latest provocations - with Russian warships reported off the coast of Florida, and Ukraine hurling ever more western-supplied weapons into Russia...  perhaps we should pay attention.

    As always, ignore the lurid headline and hear what he actually says, which is bad enough.

    (21 minutes) 

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  • The WHO have to Go?


    "In the beginning was the word... "

    UK Column interviews James Roguski on the current state of the WHO's crusade to conquer the commanding heights of our world's health. 

    Or is it about something else entirely?

    Well it's complicated...

    (65 minutes)



  • "Green Billionaire Funding of 'Climate Emergency' Reporting"


    "A massive global grooming programme"

    "... a shocking insight into the corruption of independent, investigative journalism"

    "The operation claims over 25,000 members in 200 countries"

    The Daily Sceptic reports.


  • Geddes in Dewsbury


    Martin has been visiting again, this time in Dewsbury.

    What he found disturbed him.

    Is it simple "racism", or a more complex cultural clash?

    We must all be careful which words we sling about these days lest we are inadvertently deemed to offer offence - but surely offence has to be taken before it can be said to have been given? It's a bit like a contractual arrangement - where no meeting of minds occurs, there is neither contract nor offence...

    In times past the judiciary had a robust attitude to free speech - that free speech without the possibility of offence wasn't worth having - that certainly inculcated a certain necessary robustness in those who are perhaps too easily offended, and permitted them to respond in kind - ie: to stick up for themselves.

    Whether that was better than today's situation where offence may be deemed to be given even when not offered

  • Fulford Report - Monday 10 June 2024


    No breakthroughs yet, still business as usual... except that Saudi's agreement to sell oil in USD is now definitively ended.

    Expect financial repercussions.

    It ain't over 'til the financials collapse... and no doubt much else besides, but money is the key.

    Modest subscription required.


  • Amazon Goes Nuclear


    Data centres, crypto mining, AI, three modern innovations that could not exist without huge supplies of electricity.

    And Amazon has just confirmed (actions speak louder than words) that its power isn't going to come from intermittent windmills and solar, it's going to come from its own nuclear reactors.

    Well, I guess if it's good enough for Amazon, it's good enough for me. Small Modular Reactors do seem to be taking the low-carbon market by storm, and for practical reasons - intermittency is death to our electricity supply grid.

    Is some semblance of good sense slowly starting to emerge from the promoters of "renewables"?

  • NATO Escalates the War on Russia


    The Schiller institute press release for their coming conference, assuming that war doesn't break out before then.

    They note the continuing escalation by NATO of the provocations towards Russia, and it's become obvious that controlling interests within NATO are intent on having that war, for whatever reasons.

    Recommended reading.


  • "The Forces at Play are Beyond Comprehension"


    Riccardo Bosi explains "Q".

    Listen carefully, he explains it only once, in succinct detail.

    Whichever way this pans out, it seems likely to qualify as the greatest global psychological operation ever carried out.

    Whether we believe it or not is up to us, but in view of the magnitude, it's probably best to be aware.

    (5 minutes)



  • Why Britain Needs a Great British CBDP!


    Hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

    (1 minute)


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