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  • Every City Council Needs the Great Reset Explained


    The UN-WEFC40 Cities project, to install the smart cities around the world, is introduced to the Aurora city council in Ontario, Canada.

    This presentation is a template that could be copied globally, and maybe we should be thinking to "get our retribution in first" so to speak. Sowing the seed early with your local council may be enough to obviate the need for a rearguard action later - and if it isn't, then forewarned is forearmed.  

    (8 minutes)


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  • It's Time for We the People


    Neil Oliver exhorts us to take the initiative, to make our views loudly heard, to take the politics by the scruff, and take back control.


    Where there's a will there's a way. Do we have the will?

    (9 minutes)


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    And here is Richard Vobes making much the same point at local council level. 

    (12 minutes)



  • The Online Harms Bill - Friend or Foe?


    Now primed and ready for detonation Royal Assent, this Bill (all 108 thousand words of it) has passed through all its parliamentary stages and will be law shortly.

    Of course everything Parliament does these days is always for our safety, but what about our education, our ability to research, and our freedom of speech?

    I'm not going to offer any assessment here myself, but one tenacious soul has already had it analysed by AI (ChatGpt) - one AI (automated) analysing another (the Statute Book) one might think. What did it make of it? Did it collapse in a heap, defeated by the intersectional cross-referencing, extraordinary tedium, and sheer volume of banality, or did it manage to extract its meaning andfurnish some relevant answers?

    Happily, automated AI knows neither banality nor tedium, and can cross-reference til the cows come home - once it has all the

  • Has Rishi Pricked the UK Green Fantasy Balloon?


    Rishi Sunak may have turned the greens purple with indignation at daring to row back on some minor part of the WEF-UN's beloved climate vendetta against carbon dioxide (and therefore against us), but does this hesitant move really signify a change of direction, or will he be overwhelmed by the furious response that he has just provoked?

    Nick and Nigel chew over the arguments.

    (17 minutes)


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  • Deep Woo Incoming?


    At some risk of turning off a number of readers, this is one of those down the rabbit hole reports that those who pride themselves on knowing that our three-dimensional habitat is all there is may find unbelievable, even objectionable. If you are full-on in your own opinions, and you align with mainstream media, then you may wish to skip this one.

    Our policy is to cover topics that cannot be disproved - that doesn't imply that we believe or do not believe, it implies that we are simply open to considering stuff (AKA "conspiracy theories") that has a following and that hasn't actually been disproved (in my judgement!).

    That said, these are extraordinary times, and some believe that the world is heading for some sort of climax that will likely leave a great many confused, uncertain, panicky, and generally discombobulated and anxious. This message has been coming from a number of

  • The Great Global Warming - Fact or Swindle?


    This now somewhat ancient video reminds us just how long this controversy has been running (it aired first in 2007) - yet in its fundamentals it could have been released yesterday. The argument (if that's what it is) is still completely stuck in 2007, having made absolutely no progress one way or the other since then - we do have to ask ourselves - why?

    Maybe it isn't an argument at all. Maybe it's just an idiotic duel of the completely deaf.

    (73 minutes)



  • 9/11 In Context


    It might be also called a short history of the 20th century.

    Or a brief introduction to the development of the war machine.

    The machine that brought us to where we are today.

    And that has, ultimately, exposed the existence of the "Deep State".

    (1 hr 34 mins)



  • WHO - Guilty of Bio-Terrorism?


    Dr David Martin has been featured on this site several times for his determined and fruitful investigation of the documentary evidence (including patents) underlying the Covid "pandemic".

    In this video he runs through all the evidence that he has assembled for the European Parliament, and draws the necessary conclusions.

    (24 minutes)



  • Whoa! England, Our England, Debunked?


    Joseph Gregory Hallett (AKA King John III of England), investigative author and historian, ably interrogated by the quintessentially English Richard Vobes, pulls the plug on seemingly all the cherished history that we ever thought we knew.

    I have embraced all kinds of assertions and ideas including those that many think wild and wacky, but this wasn't on my radar until very recently. 

    Even Magna Carta is in the cross-hairs (along with much of the history we thought we knew).

    And much, much more. 

    So who was behind it all? I'll allow you one guess...

    So does it stand up? Does our recorded accepted history stand up? Or is it (perhaps along with virology) circling the plughole of history? 

    And does it

  • Virology Debunked?


    Koch's Postulates. vesicles, exosomes, whatever, don't bombard me with technical terms, just tell me whom I can trust.

    Sadly trust is in short supply now because many of us have decided that we cannot any longer simply trust those who say we can trust them. 

    Dishonesty is endemic. Politicians and estate agents tend to head the list of people that we don't necessarily trust to keep their word, and cowboy builders are legendary.

    But politicians are of especial interest as they are supposed to be at the very top of the tree of power, so we must at least consider that being there may be no guide to probity, and suffice it to say that famous and "trusted" politicians have been prosecuted and found guilty of crimes. A number are openly mocked and vilified by many. Alleged crimes include going to war without due cause - for example, in Iraq, where Saddam Hussein was later exonerated of possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    So what is there to keep any area of public life free of falsehood? In the end, only public vigilance. Even professional associations,

  • Syria!


    We have become accustomed to sporadic reports from Syria, some alleging chemical attacks, some alleging incursions by terrorists, and more. Vanessa Beeley has featured on UK Column for some time, reporting on these events, whilst mainstream media has reported a different version of events.

    Of late, Syria seems to have been stabilised to some extent through by support from Russia.

    Yet the troubles continue.

    Perhaps this video will shed some light on what has been going on. 

    I present it as is without verification. It's your judgement that counts.

    (88 minutes)



  • Return to Palnackie


    Martin Geddes returns to Palnackie (of which he has written previously).

    He uses his experience to encourage us in our social responsibilities, and it is a reflective discourse on some of the problems that afflict our local governance, and how we may / should respond to them.

    Being bothentertaining and illustrative of the interactions between human foibles and the knowledge of being under observation, it is interesting on many levels.

    Essential reading for would-be local officials and politicians?



  • Fulford Report Monday 18 Sept 2023


    An event-packed report this week that reviews the antics of those who are thought to be running out of time and money at the end of this month (again). I guess there are none so resourceful as those whose backs are in the corner.

    It seems that Chairman Xi is still not playing their game, and there is plenty else going on, although nothing decisive as yet.

    Modest subscription required - "blade runners", now enjoying an international following, may be interested.


  • "We Are Past the Time When Reform Was Possible"


    Neil Oliver is outspoken and indeed speaks for many - but are we really past the time for reform?

    Dominic Cummings makes a case for limited reform - it's an extensive case, but perhaps it qualifies as a limited hangout - a last-ditch attempt to persuade us that reform is coming - but without mentioning that it perpetuatesstillthe underlying problem.

    Many believe it now very obvious that those who control the Parties control Parliament, by controlling the selection of candidates for election, and by whipping MPs to vote as directed by the Party. Elections provide the veneer of competition and a largely fake responsibility to constituents. Until this changes, MPs are the Party's MPs, and the Parties are

  • Out With the Old Democracy, In With the New?


    I never thought I would feature Dominic Cummings, but this polemical brain-dump is too good to miss. It's also tediously long and in many ways repetitive (forgivable in an ex-insider who has seen a lot of both dark and light), but has its essentials squarely in the right place.

    Whether or not we agree with his solution, it's a potent message.

    It's also too long to digest in one sitting, so I have indexed the sections below :

    A great chance (best since 1850s?) to replace the Tories


  • The Struggle for Survival of the Oligarchs


    In counterpoint to Ivor's "Wars of the Bankers", LaRouchePAC runs us through the history of the oligarchy from Plato/Socrates through to America and Lyndon LaRouche.

    Do you think that rule by filthy-rich oligarchs is a modern phenomenon? Think again...

    "Through Plato’s writing, Socrates details all of the inherent flaws of oligarchical rule and all of the practices which will lead to its downfall"

    "The American Revolution changed human society in the most profound ways possible. It proclaimed a culture based on human freedom, equality, economic development, and ongoing upward human progress"

    The above isn't strictly accurate - it didn't change the existing societies, it set up a new beta test version of how we as free men would best govern ourselves. Like all beta tests, it

  • The Wars of the Bankers?


    Once again Ivor Cummins brings us a lucid and compelling theory - this time not by himself, but introduced by himself - behind the wars of the past centuries, and the theme underlying them all.

    It's as short and succinct as can be expected, but a bit of a roller-coaster given the extent of the timescale covered. Don't blink, or you'll miss one .

    (46 minutes)


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  • New UN Political Declaration on Pandemics


    Another precision piece from the Brownstone Institute that confirms precisely what is going on at the WHO. Readers of our site will already know what we think of that body, but it's always good to see the logic behind the situation laid out so clearly, and to get an update on current status.

    It is (of course!) a declaration on "pandemic preparedness". We haven't had a pandemic of significance in the last hundred years, but all of a sudden we must expect a whole slew of them? I have yet to see their evidence for this proposition upon which they expect us to lavish £$€¥billions.

    Orwell would be disappointed to note that despite his best efforts, we failed to heed his warning. His vision of "Newspeak" is only slightly off the mark when considered against modern NWO speak, which also utilises long tracts of bland-speak impenetro-speak and somno-speak to put us off ever looking at it.

    "Their Pharma sponsors reasonably expect to make several hundred billion



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