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Free Citizen

  • Are the World's Supply Chains Grinding to a Halt?


    Last Sunday I had occasion to make a day trip that succeeded (thanks to a SatNav that was insistent that only the nose2tail M25 could get me where I wished to go, in collaboration with my own obstinate assertion that it couldn't) in largely emptying my fuel tank.

    Blithely assuming service as usual I then pulled into my usual fuel station to be equally blithely blocked from every pump by massed ranks of cones. No fuel here! Tried the next biggest petrol station - same experience. With mounting trepidation I drove on the the third, last and smallest station in town, and was considerably relieved to be able to fill up ready for the next planned expedition.

    Thinking how some of the supermarkets and local shops are already showing sporadic empty spaces where my normal items can usually be picked up without thought for how they got there, I fell to wondering just how much truth there might be in tales of impending shortages on a larger scale.

    Should similar

  • Legal Investigation Update from Dr Reiner Fuellmich


    Dr Fuellmich is probably the pre-eminent Covid lawyer world-wide, who formed the Corona Investigative Committee in Germany soon after the pandemic started.

    Since then they have been painstakingly collecting and marshalling the evidence from around the world that the pandemic may not be all that it has been cracked up to be.

    Here is the latest interview brought to us by Mike Adams of Brighteon:

    "... we have come to the conclusion... that these are crimes against humanity, probably the worst ever committed..."

    "... in my view it's turning already..."

    "... they raided the offices of the judge who simply did his job... "

    (one hour)

    Visit Peter Stone's web-site for more information. You my wish to bookmark it.

    "If you truly want to be free then you must take it, you cannot wait for someone to give it to you"

  • Food for Thought ...


    The Power of Common Law, of personal resolution not to be intimidated:


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  • So What Exactly is the New World Order?


    The Glastonbury Symposium came up trumps (no, not that Trump) this year with a highly topical presentation which delves into what exactly the UN's Agenda 21 / 2030 means.

    Sandi Adams was a last-minute substitute for the originally slated speaker but she delivered in spades, revealing a very great deal about what the dry verbiage of the official publications actually means, for those of us who have no inclination to plough through the formal documentation for ourselves.

    Her web-site is a veritable cornucopia of relevant information - highly recommended.

    It's not until you understand the enormity of these schemes that you realise just what a vital service people like Sandi perform for the rest of us. We cannot repay that debt, but we can give her work the recognition that is clearly

  • Grave Concerns about the Handling of the COVID Pandemic in the UK


    This article features an open letter to the governments of the United Kingdom, from over one hundred surgeons, doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics. and others, explaining exactly the many facets of government pandemic policy-making that have been ill-founded, ineffective, damaging and disastrous overall.

    This is a hard hitting tour de force that notes every unsupported deviation from normal practice, every suppression of cures other than those promoted by "big pharma", and the "inappropriate and unethical use of behavioural science to generate unwarranted fear".

    "Dr. Tess Lawrie, of the Evidence Based Medical Consultancy in Bath, presented a thorough analysis of the prophylactic and therapeutic benefits of Ivermectin to the government in January 2021. More than 24 randomised trials with 3,400 people have demonstrated a 79-91% reduction in infections and a 27-81% reduction in deaths with Ivermectin"

    "Many doctors are understandably

  • 1961 or 2021? Hard to Tell ...


    Address "The President and the Press" Before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, New York City

    April 27, 1961
  • Fracas at South Kensington Underground station exit


    I wasn't there, but it looks like it didn't go well.

    Make of this what you will:


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  • Ukemi Woo - What Happens Next?


    Clif High isn't everybody's cup of tea but believe me, his is one of the more accessible "conspiracy theorist" voices out there! He would probably take issue with the description "conspiracy theorist", but take off the quotes and he is theorising about a possible conspiracy (if anybody can tell me when conspiracies were abolished, let me know).

    He does base his work on an analysis of internet message traffic, so it's not all baseless imaginings.

    There does seem to be a view "out there" that things may be going to happen between now and the New Year (and no doubt beyond) but it's easier to discuss matters imminent than matters distant. Clif High is a voice that I respect, but is he right? Well, at least he appears sane and well-reasoned, even if this video starts a little slowly with a long

  • The Legal Implications of Jabs for Our Kids - Anna de Buisseret


    The JCVI has come out against the unrestricted jabbing of 12-15 yr olds, but the intention is clear for the 16 and 17 yr age groups and the Government has instructed Chris Whitty et al to come up with some reason for over-ruling the JCVI on 12 - 15 yrs.

    Anna has something to say about inoculating these age groups:

    "Silence is a war crime"...

    "... there's no way that any child up to the age of... 18 can be considered to be

  • The Taliban and the USA - How Did That Happen?


    This latest observation on the situation in Afghanistan comes from an unexpected source and a writer of appropriate ethnicity - he seems to speak from the heart and lays out his own reasoning and conclusions in a very readable style.

    I have no comment to make on whether his conclusions are correct, but I do subscribe to the view that until we understand the motivations and traditions of the Afghans themselves, we will continue to reap failure from our efforts in that region, whether cultural, diplomatic, or military.

    Worth reading.