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  • Control the Language, Control the Thought


    Do you think in English?

    If so, this may be for you, for English has been subjected to an upgrade, much as predicted by one Eric Blair, and although the upgrade didn't necessarily use the precise vocabulary envisaged by the writer (and upgrade might be a misnomer) the parallels are there.

    "Are you still using Oldspeak terms like 'freedom?' If so, it’s time to update your vocabulary, abandoning useless words that clutter your brain. Master Newspeak, and you’ll never have to think again"

    The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love and justice. Ours is founded upon hatred. In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement

    "Hope not hate" (remember, in Newspeak everything works backwards) is a totemic little phrase.

    "To magnify those emotions, Newspeak bypasses reason" thus

  • Fluoride - the Next Step in Mass Medication


    Last August we reported on the government's intention to transfer responsibility for adding fluoride to the public water supplies from local authorities to the secretary of state.

    The latest policy paper confirms that intention.

    The Health and Care Bill as of today is in its final stages prior to Royal Assent.

    So we are to be mass-medicated by law in order to protect our childrens' dental health, even though fluoride toothpaste (whatever you may think of that) has been widely available for years.

    Julian Assange - The Ukraine, etc


    UK Column reports on the latest Julian Assange situation (and much else besides):

    (from 9 to 26 minutes on JA, 83 minutes in all)


    If you follow the remainder of this edition you will notice where some of our taxpayer monies go, under the radar via "charities" reportedly pursuing political objectives.


  • Emergency Powers and Civil Liberties


    Big Brother Watch has brought out its report for Jan-Mar 2022, and a considerable work it is.

    There is more detail here than any normal body would have either time or inclination to read, but in these times of endemic government overreach we must sometimes steel ourselves to inform ourselves of unpleasant truths and take heed lest worse is to come.

    "History shows we face challenges of such magnitude best when we hold onto the values that define us, not when we abandon them. This is a pivotal moment and a crucial time for parliamentarians to increase scrutiny and limitations on powers"

    Quite so, but past events demonstrate pretty conclusively that our parliamentarians are only nominally "our" parliamentarians - they are (with some honourable exceptions) really the political parties' parliamentarians, and the parties dance to the tune of their largely

  • The EU Tightens its Grip


    Brexit is a work-in-progress - except that this term implies progress, whereas it appears to be going into reverse.

    Of course it depends on whose viewpoint you are taking - from the EU's perspective it is advancing its agenda to break Northern Ireland away from the UK.

    From this report it would appear that the EU is unilaterally tightening up the red tape to make it stupidly expensive to import goods from the UK across that border in the Irish Sea.

    Will anybody in government get a grip on this situation, or will they simply string out the already interminable nonsense with more rounds of meaningless negotiations?

    The EU have made their intent abundantly clear.

    We should either pull the plug on the protocol and have done with it, or wrap up the province in a nice

  • "Unveiling the Fundamental Mystery of the Universe"


    This little treasure is from 2016 but will exercise your little grey cells like never before.

    You don't believe me?

    "Mother Nature is so simple that she has completely perplexed and confused all of humanity"

    I strongly suggest you read this article first cool .

    Oh, and this one too. (For examples, see here).

    I'm not going to molly-coddle you any more, so on with the show!


  • The Ukraine You Have Not Been Told About


    This is a somewhat "far-out" contribution to the goings-on in Crimea and the Ukraine (not to omit South Africa, and many other places across the world).

    If you haven't yet perused my "Down the Rabbit Hole" articles 1 - 4, I would suggest that you do so before going any further.

    I shouldn't think that this would appeal to more than a small percentage of people, but some of the notions presented relate to myths and legends (such as vampires) that are probably both as old as the hills and yet have support from independent researchers of present times such as Linda Moulton Howe.

    This just seems to be an independent guy who is trying to put two and two together. Given the subject-matter, that may

  • Climate Round-Up - March 2022


    Sometimes I think that Dr John Robson of Climate Discussion Nexus does himself no favours by appearing to treat a serious topic with some (deserved) flippancy - after all, if you believe the climate doom-mongers then this won't tempt you to take what he says seriously, and surely he wants to persuade the believers that climate change is not all it's cracked up to be?

    Still, if you are in the market for political idiocy and prepared to amuse yourself at the politicos' expense then today's newsletter is a cracker!

    Ultimately there may be no substitute for ridicule, and certainly today's world seems richly deserving.


  • Ukraine - Military Matters


    Who knows what is going on in the Ukraine?

    I don't know, but this is another viewpoint (a few days old now) from a "top Pentagon advisor" that probably deserves consideration:

    (2 hrs 15)


    Like / Dislike this video here.


  • We Can't Even Believe Our Own Eyes Any Longer


    The only thing I know is that I know nothing. I think that Socrates had it right - the pursuit of certainty is a fool's errand, not because it is undesirable but because it is unattainable.

    And here (if we believe it!) is the "proof" that we can't believe even our own eyes any more:

    (3 minutes)



  • The Corbett Sustainable Global Initiative Report


    This is an interesting take on the current direction in which national leaders are taking us, with plenty of supporting evidence.

    Starting with Justin Trudeau, it's a bit slow to start, but it moves on...

    Make of this what you will:

    (59 minutes)


    The only thing I know is that I know nothing. I think that Socrates had it right - the pursuit of certainty is a fool's errand, not because it is undesirable but because it is unattainable.

    Nevertheless, the old saying "

  • Swedish 5G Study Gives Serious Pause for Thought


    The Environmental Health Trust has been active in the EMF space for some years, and has now published a significant study, albeit of one couple, who had a 5G base station installed in the roof above their apartment.

    No it wasn't randomised and double-blinded but it does illustrate that some people are seriously affected by electromagnetic radiation below the official limits.

    So who sets those limits? The national authorities of each country - but they all tend to take their lead from the United States. That can make sense, since if the work to determine the safe limits has been done conscientiously there is no point in duplicating the effort, all other things being equal.

    "Measurements before and

  • A View from the Ukraine - Benjamin Fulford on Monday


    This will be astounding to anybody of normal temperament.

    (2 minutes)


    Today's Fulford Report is essential reading (although you will need a subscription to see the full works).

    He shows in a very natty coloured graphic exactly how "the West" has expanded its influence in Europe since WW2. Perhaps Mr Putin has a point.

    There are a number of additional short videos which illustrate different points.


  • The Ancient Origins of the Ukraine "War" - Clif High


    This is a bit delayed, but still very pertinent.

    Clif is a very knowledgeable fellow, and he takes a while to relate a rather complex story (in his own inimitable style!), but if you stick with it you will find a story that could explain a great deal about our myths, our history, about the Russian Revolution, about WW2, and now about "WW3" in the Ukraine.


    (44 minutes)


  • The Central Banks are Tottering - Long Live the Stable Currency!


    Clif High tells it like he sees it.

    If you value your wealth, take heed. He may not have everything right but I suspect he has a good grip on most of it.

    "we don't know in our lives what it is like to live with sound money"

     (31 minutes)


  • Update Following the UN Security Council Mtg of 11th March


    At the UN meeting of 11th March the Russian Federation protested that the US had been running bio-labs in the Ukraine.

    UN Security Council Debates Threats to International Peace and Security

    One week on and Russia has documented further details:

    "Over the past week, we have discovered new details indicating that components of biological weapons were being developed in Ukraine"

    "I suggest that you should study it carefully. It confirms that Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) directly funded and supervised military biological projects in Ukraine"

    "Representatives of the US Department of State still get confused when asked about it and assure that the United States allegedly takes

  • No Such Thing as Unbiased News


    Even on the BBC.

    That's a viewpoint I could accept even If I had a high opinion of the BBC - we are all human and our prejudices and biases are bound to inform our choices when deciding what to put in front of our readers and viewers. It's just a fact of life.

    Nevertheless there's difference between honest journalism, and pseudo-journalism that amounts to little more than propaganda.

    Stop World Control brings us a striking contribution which blows the lid off a primary area of contention, complete with a video that reminds us exactly who our real enemies are.

    A very simple message is presented with great clarity, and shows how reporting on the Ukraine is not immune from the wider situation.

    Ukraine - Betrayed by Elites?


    Dr Lee Jone, "Professor of Political Economy and International Relations at Queen Mary University of London", writing in Unherd has produced one of the most thoughtful and (hopefully) informed contributions to the Ukraine situation that I have seen. 

    Examining the situation from the different viewpoints is not very fashionable given that war has broken out and the first casualty is truth, but without such an analysis, peace is unlikely to be either concluded or successful.

    Worth reading.


  • QFS Ends Corrupt Cabal Central Banking Systems


    This article is not for everyone, but if your mind is open to possibilities and recognises that "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" then this may be for you.

    From my point of view there is nothing here that can be proven (unless you know differently?) and the QFS (and much else besides) has been touted by various sources for a long time with no obvious result, but that of itself does not yet invalidate it. 

    As St Paul said:

    "for now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then shall I know, even as I also am

  • Defence Hypocrisy or Genius?


    Brexit Watch reminds us (well, those that may need reminding) of some basic defence truths that have been relevant for thousands of years, yet which our government has been disrespecting for decades.

    On the other hand the "Art of War" by Sun Tzu reminds us that to win we should appear weak when we are strong and strong when we are weak...   so perhaps our government have some secret defence strengths that they are not publicising?

    "... winning the war with as little unnecessary combat as possible is the key to true victory"

    Show of hands please - those who believe that our current apparent defence weakness conceals unexpected strength?



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