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We haven't featured Dr Fuellmich recently but he is still working, and this session 116 is potentially very important.

Autism is an undoubted and growing curse, and anything that makes a dent in this tendency is to be welcomed.

Dr Wodarg correctly gives the witness a hard time, but that doesn't invalidate the process of collecting the evidence that is available, nor does it invalidate that evidence even if it may not be strictly conclusive in a court of law.

" ... the human body has the capability of repairing itself from absolutely anything ... "

" ... they can't transfect all of them - this is why they want repeated injections, because this is a cloning process, and they have to keep the body poisoned in order for this technology to work ... "

" ... when the body is put back into a state of homeostasis (or balanced pH) then the nanotechnology cancels and is flushed out of the body ... "

" ... it's through the cellular replication, which takes a bit of time, that you get a person back ... "

(62 minutes)


What makes the body alkaline (natural state)?

  • fresh fruit and vegetables (preferably raw)

What makes the body acidic?

  • almost everything else!

The above is certainly an over-simplified rule of thumb, but eating plenty of raw fruit and veg is a very good idea in my book (speaking from personal experience) whilst eating animal products and grains (carbohydrates) in moderation is also necessary. It's not either/or, it's a balance, and your balance may be different from that of others.