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It seems the original links in this article were to one of Robert David Steele's web-sites. Since his death was reported these links no longer work.

I have replaced them with links to the same content on Bitchute. This means that the video content is all there but any textual content is probably missing.


The "Conspiracy" tag is where we explore the assertion that there is a secret group of people (the "cabal") which is bent on world domination - ruling as they see fit and therefore necessarily crushing democratic accountability in the process.

Couldn't happen?

Maybe Hitler, Pol Pot, the USSR and Mao couldn't have happened either, but they did.

It's been a while (if we discount the Chinese Communists) since such a major dictatorship reared its head, so maybe we are overdue a resurgence - maybe even a global resurgence implemented via global political institutions (such as the UN) and huge mega-corporations of global reach (we know who they are) - and philanthropic foundations (not to mention the bankers, especially those "too big to fail").

If these groups were to act in concert then what could they not achieve? Well, there is a missing piece of the plot as just described - true democratic government is clearly not compatible with such a scheme and would have to be comprehensively subverted (some might think that crony capitalism is just such a mechanism, although possibly insufficient on its own). Maybe the WEF (AKA "Davos") teaming up with the UN is a straw in the wind?

This feature is a wide-ranging exploration of how in recent times the world may have come to where we are today - you will have to use your own judgement about how much of it may be true and how much may be false, but I'm thinking that it's a topic that isn't going to go away any time soon.

Being a ten-parter it's a deep dive (actually the first of several, i will post the rest as they become available) so make yourself comfy with a cup of tea (or just skim the text summaries as you please).

Read the article, watch the videos.

Well, actually, that's just the start.

The sequel will trace the origins of the "cabal" from ancient times (OK, maybe its a prequel), so prepare for an exposition of Biblical scope!