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  • GWPF condemns Boris Johnson’s plan for new “subsidies for the rich”


    The GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) notes the government plans for raising the costs of power in order to pay for EV charging stations.

    The point about the switch from coal to oil was two-fold - convenience (oil didn't have to be shovelled) and energy density (you could go further on the same weight of oil) thus minimising the cost of carrying the stuff when used to power transport.

    It's true that oil required the additional step of refining to produce a relatively clean fuel, but that cost was worth it. 

    Government subsidies to persuade people to make the switch were simply not required.

    Electricity has been around for a very long time, however is still tricky to store. It isn't available from wells and mines,

  • Climate Change - Are We On the Brink (Once More)?


    The GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) in their 23 July newsletter reminds us of a number of issues, and we are indeed approaching the brink of another UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, COP26 to be held in Glasgow from 31st October. It will be interesting to see how many luminaries come jetting in for the occasion - let us hope that Covid restrictions will not put too much of a dampener on the attendances.

    On the other hand the GWPF finds little sign of the much foretold incoming climate disaster in current news, although it

  • Plus ça Climate Change, Plus c'est la Même Chose


    Climate Discussion Nexus picks up on an article in Market Watch which appears to be another out-of-place polemic explaining to us benighted slow-coaches how we must change the world to avert the imminent catastrophe.

    "Evict short-termism from human thinking and all will be splendid. Except if you want to look before you leap, don’t, because we must act in the short term and without sober second thought: 'The window for launching a climate revolution—and achieving an inclusive recovery from COVID-19 in the process—is rapidly closing.' And if it doesn’t, the government will slam it shut with you inside just in case"


  • Climate & Covid Models: Science or Suspect?


    This rather begs the question of whether "models" are science, could be science, or can never be science.

    I would suggest that to qualify as science, they should have to be incorporated into the scientific method.

    The basic scientific method involves several stages, more or less as follows:

    1. Consider a problem
    2. Collect facts and data about the problem
    3. Formulate a

      Tory "Decarbonisation" - the Road to Self-Destruction?


      The GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) points up the every-rising energy costs that will be necessary to force households off gas and petrol and onto "green" electricity over the coming few years.

      Perhaps they are relying on a nation grateful for "saving them from Covid" - but then voters are notorious for their short memories, particularly when being hit in the pocket and driven out of business.

      They should tread carefully.


    4. Asian Countries to Build 600 New Coal-Fired Generating Plants


      The Guardian reports that 80% of new coal power generation investment will take place in five Asian countries.

      Which begs the question: was it really wise of the UK Europe and the USA to outsource our heavy industries to the East during the last century?

      Has it not led overall to more global pollution and CO2 generation rather than less?

      Is it not now high time to begin repatriating our heavy industries back to the UK so that we can use the abundant supplies of green energy that we have been promised to create our steel, aluminium etc rather than importing it from high-polluting

    5. Climate Models Tested


      The GWPF report on a new study which claims to verify the accuracy of climate models used to predict the climate in the North Atlantic.

      "The basic questions for climate models is whether they realistically simulate observations, and to what extent can future climate change be predicted? It’s an important concept as political and environmental action is predicated upon it"

      Scientific modelling has had a bit of a bad press in the Coronavirus pandemic scenario, so how do these climate models fare when put to the test?

      The GWPF has the story.

    6. Another Government-Mandated Environmental Policy Disaster?


      "German government warns of dangerous water pollution and public health threat from heat pumps""

      The latest press release from the Global Warming Policy Forum draws attention to a study by the German Federal Environment Agency that has identified the threat from refrigerants used in such devices as air conditioners and heat pumps leaking into the atmosphere, leading to contamination of groundwater supplies.

      European governments have already established their propensity to make a bad situation worse (think diesel fuel for cars) through not doing their due diligence and running a full health and safety assessment on the proposed course of action

    7. Steve Baker MP warns of Backlash and Public Outrage


      Steve Baker MP has just earned himself some free-thinker points by (a) joining Benny Peiser at the Global Warming Policy Foundation and (b) warning the government that we are not going to take kindly to replacing all our nice cheap and efficient gas appliances with expensive and not very effective heat pumps.

      Perhaps the government will think that we will all be so relieved to have survived the Great Covid Catastrophe and so grateful for their splendid management of the lockdowns that kept us all safe (not to mention the fantastic purchase at government expense of innumerable unapproved

    8. More Workable Proposals for the Green Revolution


      The latest newsletter from the Global Warming Policy Forum lists a number of notable stories, from Germany's refusal to bring forward the ending of their dependence on coal, to the news that RR will be bring out enhanced Small Modular Reactors capable to provide power to local energy grids.

      Given the costs, timescales, international politicking, and consequent uncertainties associated with traditional large nuclear power plants, that sounds like a "no-brainer" to me.

      Not included in their newsletter are their proposals for a

    9. Net Zero (Carbon or Population?)


      LarouchePAC publish an interesting viewpoint, pointing out that the current drive for "zero carbon" will probably have serious consequences for the population (should the Covid menace spare any of us).

      As always it's the poor and needy who will bear the brunt, but the zero carbon push seems to fail before it's even got going due to the impossibility of mining enough of the prerequisite key minerals (required by current technology).

      the world doesn’t have the capacity to meet such demand

      In addition:

      "they require far higher physical inputs (capital goods, labor) to produce a given

    10. IRT Releases Critical GMO Regulatory Report


      The IRT (Institute for Responsible Technology) releases a report on the GMO regulatory system in America.

      It's not true that here is no regulatory oversight, but their article for the layman that explains the position summarises the difficulty in one telling paragraph:

      "Unfortunately, no meaningful laws or regulations reign in these biological time bombs. Ironically, the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations that do apply to most genetically engineered microbes treat them explicitly as chemicals. They employ evaluation standards developed for toxic substances. They have yet to create systems to analyze the very different set of risks

    11. Climate Extinction Clocks


      The Extinction Clock site features a large number of predictions by those who perhaps should have known better, from the 1970s to the present.

      I'll leave it to you to decide which of these merits your attention . . .   and you can vote for your favourite!


    12. Ban the Beef? Oregon Shows the Way


      Ice Age Farmer reports on the latest in the globalists' war on long-established farming custom and practice - how long before we begin to hear the same rumblings in the UK and Europe?

      "a new bill proposed in Oregon would create a 'sanctuary state' for animals, radically transforming how animals are treated across the state"

      "The language is all about eliminating 'animal abuse', which sounds good, right, but the subtlety is that all animal agriculture has been redefined as abusive... all references to good husbandry practices are eliminated..."

      "livestock would have to die of natural causes before they could be sued for food production

    13. A Pandemic of Vulnerability?


      Zach Bush meets Del Bigtree in Hawaii (wouldn't we all?) to discuss his views on the latest virus situation - and that's just the start.

      Their first encounterwe highlighted in December 2020 - in fact it's the only video that we have highlighted twice.

      Zach does have an excellent way of expressing himself and explaining his understanding of how our bodies function and how we relate to the planetary ecosystems of life - I have never found anyone else express this compelling vision (and no, that's not over-hyping it), let alone do it so cogently:

      "if you pile chronic

    14. Is There a Climate Crisis? The Science Says Not Now and Not in the Future


      I reported this lecture by Dr Happer back in March, in the form of a transcript.

      I am happy to present this very accessible and informative presentation as a video, which perhaps removes some of the dryness of reading a transcript:


       Why not watch your cake and read it?

      Read the original transcript (with accompanying illustrations)

    15. The Geopolitics of Climate Change - 2050


      Yesterday i had my introduction to the JR Nyquist blog, and today I encounter the Climate Discussion Nexus article on the alleged Chinese ambition to dominate the world...

      Now I have to say that I have no firm information - we are certainly in the realms of speculation, but as they say, if the cap fits, wear it.

      World history has been littered by a long succession of folk who felt that they were entitled to rule the world (or as much of it as they could get their hands on before their regime fell apart) and would go to any lengths to do so. The problem that we face today is that the world has been shrunk to such an extent by sea travel, air travel, probably soon sub-orbital space travel, and recently by what we might

    16. Green Certificates on the March in Europe?


      UK Column (again) bring us the latest news from the "great and the good" in the EU - the European Parliament is to be brought into discussions about the introduction of the (Covid) Green Certificate.

      Allegations of propaganda.

      Is Bitcoin in the cross-hairs as the enemy of Climate Change?

      And more . . . don't miss!


    17. Count your Carbon alongside your Calories?


      "There’s rising demand for another type of food label as people become increasingly concerned about climate change, and conscious of how they’re contributing to it"

      Demand from whom I wonder? The man on the Clapham omnibus?

      Oh - Extinction Rebellion perhaps?

      Now I may myself occasionally look at the label on an unfamiliar food product before I buy it, but I'm not looking at the calorie count since I long ago decided that the link between calories and weight gain is a relatively minor part of the whole, a part that only becomes significant when the whole is seriously out of balance.

      And I must confess that whilst as a matter of good management I would prefer my food to be locally sourced and subject to

    18. Net Zero In Peril?


      Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Forum releases another round-up of articles evaluating the prospects for the much-vaunted "Net Zero" initiatives so beloved of the climate lobby. Food for thought.

      As is usual in discussions about "Net Zero", the two indispensable weapons are always carbon taxes and subsidies, both paid for but never voted for by the tax-payer or by the population who purchase power in the form of electricity, gas, or oil.

      But surely we vote our governments into power?

      But when was the last time any major political party gave the voters a choice by standing on a policy platform